All Mammoths Are Met With Extreme Prejudice

If any of you are still looking for undocumented* changes, here’s one I’ve noticed.

*Undocumented is used loosely, I don’t actually know if this was documented or not, I didn’t check.

While doing your Sons of Hodir dailies I’m sure you’ve all noticed the roaming packs of mammoths. It’s really a refreshing way for mobs to be dispersed, much more dynamic than single animals evenly spread over a large area.

So, in the Storm Peaks, there can be found stampeding mammoths. Well, this Tiger loves her Mega Mammoth Meals something awful, and this requires copious amounts of Chunks o’ Mammoth.

While probably not the best place to farm the meat, I thoroughly enjoy decimating the population of Stoic Mammoths in Storm Peaks.

DETHA stands for what? Pain In Th-


ANY-hoo. There is a point here, that changer-oo that I was talking about. Those stampeding Mammoths… they now stampede FASTER! It’s no longer possible for me to run along with the pack, tab-target them individually, and aggro them all (/hog mammoths all to self). Nope, they’re so speedy now that not even a well-placed Swipe will do the job.

Nope, I’ve developed a precice and scientifically executed technique for getting the WHOLE herd of quickly-stampeding mammoths and their resultant goodies (leathers included)

Step ONE:

Locate stampeding herd. If herd only has 3 or so members I don’t bother. When locating herd make sure you track its progress, know it’s PATROL ROUTE.

Step Two:

Situate yourself along the patrol route. Ready a Hurricane (no, not the kind that sends those southern-minded friends of yours running for cover). Hover Hurricane symbol over expected stampede trajectory.

Part C:

Let fly with Hurricane just before the first stampeding Mammoth comes within range. If you hurricane too early your hurricane will be over before the entire herd barrells through, if you hurricane too late you’ll miss the leading edge. Hurricane takes about 2 seconds before it hits anything.

Section SomethingOrOther:

Shift to Cat
Tiger’s Fury
Swipe +

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  1. Alternately you could be in bear form and right when first mammoth hits let loose with a Demoralizing Roar. They’re so close together it should get most. Then I sit there, eat some Twizzler bites and hit Swipe spam. ^_^

    • Tigerfeet
    • February 3rd, 2009

    Oh well yea, if you insist on doing things the EASY way!

    *shifty eyes*

  2. HA! That’s so funny that you talk about those Mammoth herds. What I love to do is circle around on my Flying mount like a volture looking for its prey then dive bomb them and drop a consecrate! Bingo Bango Bongo Greedy pally goes wild! I’m pretty sure that killing an entire family is probably not very “For the light” ish but hey! I wanna cook Baby!

    • Silvrwind
    • February 4th, 2009

    Doodle beat me too it! I farm those herds religiously. Being a skinner/leatherworker who loves to cook, these guys are $$s on stumpy feet. I usually land out of ff and pop enrage, as soon as the lead mammoth hits my position i use Demoralizing Roar and start running the same route as them popping off about 3 more DR’s and commence to swipe and if Berserk is up pop that as well, 3 target mangle makes them go down quick.

    Love the post by the by 🙂

    • Teiya
    • February 4th, 2009

    So what’s this about a cat not being able to catch her prey? For shame Tiger… for shame…

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