Whalp, I’m Done, What About You?

Well, perhaps not completely done, but PRETTY darn close to it. I was lucky enough to be awarded my T7.5 shoulders last night, which I promptly took and, spending all the badges I had, bought my T7.5 legs as well, thus finally granting me the 4pc bonus.

Actually, while I really wanted that piece, rolling on it gave me little twinges of guilt. You see, other than the 4pc bonus, the shoulders and the legs weren’t all that much of an upgrade. Once I’d had them fully gemmed and enchanted they really only gave me a few points here and there, and in fact, since I’ve replaced my Valor Medal of the First War with a Defender’s Code, my base dodge% has gone from ~40% down to ~38.5%. (Though I can and will be replacing some of my attack gems with agility and/or dodge gems in an attempt to make up for this)

Related, I switched out the Valor medal instead of my Essence of Gossamer. I’m loath to set down the +111 stamina and the proc-shield for only 2 points of dodge and another ‘oh shit’ button. It’s obvious that the Essence of Gossamer is by far superior when off-tanking, and tanking more than one mob, so right now I’m trying to think weather being the Main Tank for Sarth +D would warrant adding the two dodge trinkets instead of the extra stamina. Stamina is something I can depend on, dodge is random, are there any more experienced tanks that can weigh in on this for me?

I’ve gotten to the point where gear upgrades are so tiny they’re almost laughable. This is the nitty gritty part now, where I need to start critically analyzing every item, every enchant and every gem to find what my optimal set-up is. I’m rather sad right now that I’ll never get the shiny + sign on my Be.Imba profile, but that’s just because my Idol of Terror is a lvl 70 item and there’s nothing better out there right now for bears.

I’m also going to have to get used to rolling on loot, and not getting anything for a long time. I’ve spoke about this before, about how guilty I was feeling about getting so many pieces. I knew this time would come though, where I would hit the ceiling (especially with T7.5 being max tier), and thus my upgrades would stop coming.

Actually, I think it’s a good thing. I was a little sloppy in the past with my gems and enchants, resistant to spending all my money on things that I could very easily be replacing the next week. Now, however, that’s not nearly as much of an issue. The gear I have, being the best (or nearly) that I can obtain right now deserves the very best gems and enchants, and I need to get this stuff pronto. No slacking, no laying about. There’s no excuse for me having 2 pieces of polar gear that are still un-gemmed. /blush.

On Another Note:

Kal posted some very interesting guides on being the ultimate switch-hitter as far as tanking and DPS goes. He calls it the anti-tank. As soon as I get all my bears in a row I intend on reading the three applicable articles more in-depth and trying this out. It sounds like fun 🙂

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  1. Congrats on the New gear 😀

    I actually feel bad for Druid tanks because even though you’re completely decked out in the finest wears, you still look like the same bear from lvl 10. I think atleast you should change colors at how Uber you really are. Slowly fade to Purple for EPIC BEAR!

    • Tigerfeet
    • February 4th, 2009

    Psh, Purple is for Night Pansies.. I mean Elves.

    I’d much prefer that my bear have a broken horn (like my tauren), be covered in scarrs with fur matted by the blood of my foes and braided with trophies of the fallen.

    Now THAT would be epic 😀

    Related though, I remember hitting lvl 40 and getting my Dire Bear form, and being SO excited, wondering what it was going to look like, how much cooler it’d be… then buying it… and shifting… and not seeing ANYTHING different. 😦

  2. For Sarth, it really depends on what you’re tackling.

    For Sarth0D, tanking him in anything you want is fine. Go with your spellpower offset. It doesn’t matter, he hits like a kitten.

    For Sarth1D, he’s still pretty weak. Consider tanking him in your DPS set and dodging a lot.

    For Sarth2D, his breaths start really hurting when Vesperon lands, and his attacks start hurting a lot more when Tenebron dies. More stamina is really welcome here, as his breaths will hit for 20-30k. You need to have at least that much stamina to survive them – and you lose 25% until Vesperon is dead, which means you should have at least 40k health before starting the fight (and more is better)

    For Sarth3D, you lose 25% of your stamina. You can take a breath that does 57k to 74k damage. Dodge doesn’t matter; the 10k melee hits you can take don’t matter at all. In order to survive, you need as much stamina as you can and you’ll need to use a combination of fire resist and shielding to save yourself. You’ll need to be topped off at all times.

    So the TLDR thing is: for easier stuff it doesn’t matter, but for the hardest stuff it’s nothing but stam. Polar gear and pvp gear is your friend.

  3. From what I’ve read about Sarth +3 is that you really will just have to get a different gear set. Since getting fire resist is really good, you might end up not using the typical best in slot items. So I’d say look at Sarth +3 as a whole new gearing process.

  4. Kal is right. If you’re doing Sartharion with 2 or 3 drakes alive, you need the stam, no question about it. The dodge just doesn’t give you as much benefit for an encounter like that.

    @ Phil – I think you’re referring to the Frost Resist set, not the fire one. The Frost Resist pieces in the game have silly amounts of HP on them, which is why a number of tanks are using them on that encounter. They’re basically just trying to push their health as high as they can, worrying about breaths rather than melee damage.

    And big grats on getting your shoulders!

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