I Love The Taste Of Freshly Rent Flesh In The Morning

Mmmmm, don’t you?

Sorry I’ve been silent. I started writing about my UI and then realised it didn’t showcase my stylish (default) raid frames. Then I started again and that screenshot didn’t have my new Rogue Power Bars in it. I want to be able to show you all a picture when everything is up and running and my screen is cluttered to the MAX!

Yeah, those zen-like minimalist interfaces? They sure look snazzy but I can’t handle ’em. I like to click.

shhhh, don’t tell anybody!

Oh! Speaking of clicking, I got to do a quick (ish) run of the plague quarter in Naxx last night. It was only a 10-man, and Malorne knows I didn’t need any loot, but they needed an extra DPS and I know that, even in bear spec, if I try real hard I shouldn’t be too much of an embarrassment.

Plus I just wanted to.

The raid itself wasn’t really anything special. They weren’t the best or most experienced players, but they were trying and nobody was an asshat. It was clear from early on, however, that we weren’t going to be downing anything quickly or effeciently.

See, we started in plague quarter and the gargoyles… oooh the gargoyles. They healed a few times, and we wiped to them once. But, like I said, the group tried hard and we eventually got everything down.

What astounded me was my position solidly on the top of the dps meter. I didn’t expect to be there, but, looking at the rest of the group I probably shouldn’t have been suprised. There was myself along with 3 other Unemployed. Two were healers, and one was an alt-mage. I inspected him, ok, he’s in greens and blues mostly, so is pretty much everyone else.

Well there’s that solved.

I don’t know, I’m rambling. Really, there wasn’t anything much to write home about, I just enjoyed being able to do some pure dps without having to worry about tanking (except on Heigan, I was the only melee that could dance, so I ended up tanking for the rest of the fight as we 4-manned him)

OH, did I tell you about the parrot?

Yeah, I totally got attacked by a parrot.

Atrides took me out for sushi, just like I wanted for my birthday (which was a week ago), and afterwards we wandered over to some random pet store.

This was the kind of pet store with animals all over the place and people picking them up and cuddling them and… there were parrots.

I’m terrified of parrots. Those beaks are FREAKING BIG!

Well, there were some college kids, two guys and a girl. Guys were being jerks and piling parrots onto their female friend. So, me being the nice person that I am, after she had divested herself of the largest, I helped remove the remaining two.

This peach-colored puffy-headed thing went right back onto the perch, but there was a white one (larger than a cockatiel but smaller than a mackaw) noticed I had a necklace.

Anyone who owns parrots probably knows what happened next.

Up my arm, pausing on the way to bite my hand as I try to remove it, nuzzle past my hair and then it couldn’t be bothered with anything not involving my necklace.

It’s very scary having a beak that large mouthing a very flimsy strand of beads that close to your neck. Ugh! No parrots!

Eventually one of the workers came and rescued me and I was all better, but geez, it was scary. The freaking bird had to be removed by force! Seriously! She grabbed its legs and hoisted it upside down! Crazy evil creature.

I’ll stick with cats.

PS – the sushi was great, but what the crap is Inari and why was it a brown sweet-ish packet with rice inside? Very odd. I’d kill for some miso soup right now though.

EDIT: Ok, I just looked up Inari, and I feel cheated! I wanted fish dammit, what’s with this packet of fried tofu crap? I don’t want tofu! If I go again I’ll make sure to say no inari, gimmie the mackarel or something instead! (I got tuna, crab, and inari for my nigiri sushi, the tuna was fantastic, just melted in my mouth!)

The maki sushi I ordered were tuna and salmon and… not what I expected. They were inside-out, and the salmon one at least had something cruncy and bread-ish tasting in it as well. They were plenty large, oh my yes, just not exactly what I was expecting.

I did get my money’s worth though, and I’d love to go back, and holy crap I just turned an edit into a long-winded report on my sushi dinner…. yea.

If you’ve been reading me for a while and you haven’t realised how much I like food, well, yeah.

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  1. Are you kidding!? Inari-sushi is omnomnom! *ahem*


  2. mmmm sushi…

    And don’t worry… doesn’t it kind of go with the “cat”?

    • Tigerfeet
    • February 10th, 2009

    Aurik – oh, the inari tasted great, I just wanted something with a bit more fish and a little less soy >_>

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