For the Sake of Staving off Impending Doom…

I’m getting myself into another of those ‘I wish I did more art’ ruts that inevitably lead me to not doing too much of anything at all. I’ve added yet ANOTHER wordpress blog to my account: I now have SAC, my personal portfolio site, and a site ready for an online comic that I want to write maybe someday if I can get motivated enough.

This also usually leads to Writer’s Blah and THAT leads to not getting anything done here either.

Come on Tiger! You just went to a seminar last night on organizing your life and getting things done, you’re supposed to be motivated and activated…. instead I look at all the pieces of chaos around me and, not knowing where to start, simply freeze and do nothing.

Have you ever stumbled upon a rabbit? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.


To stave off impending doom, I’m going to talk about patch notes!

Here’s the Druid-flavored Blue:

  • Ferocious Bite: This ability now only uses up to 30 energy.

Well, ok, what’s this mean to you and I?

Blizzard said they would be making small changes to increase cat-form’s overall sustained DPS. Not burst DPS mind you, but sustained. I think that this will have the intended affect, as well as making kitty dps rotations simoutaneously more complicated and simple.

It’ll be more complicated if you never bothered useing Ferocious Bite in the first place. I personally try to use it, but oftentimes it’s more advantageous to just sit doing white damage for a few seconds until one of my bleeds wears off and then refresh that.

If you have been using Ferocious Bite as often as you could (which should only be when Mangle, Rip, Savage Roar, and Rake are up, and you somehow find yourself with 5 combo pooints), you’ll sometimes often have to struggle to get back to 5cp and refresh one of your skills before it falls off. If you don’t have Tiger’s Fury ready then you can easily find yourself at the beginning of your attack rotation, and DPS is shot.

Ferocious Bite previously would drain all your energy when you used it, now it only drains 30!

Now, go forth my kitties, and rip some face!

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  1. I know how you feel… when I’ve got something I want/need to get done, I’m good at doing it. But when I’ve got NUMEROUS things I want/need to do, nothing gets done! Sigh.

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