Operation Get Shit Done!

Progress Report:

Lunch -> bought Black Tea & Mason Jars for Kombucha

After Work -> picked up a pizza & soda (boooooo)

Got Home -> did not do a load of laundry (boo) promptly mis-placed comic sketch & outline. Logged into WoW, stomped the crap out of Naxx (woot!) (everything’s dead up to and including Gluth, 3 hours)

Went to Bed

Woke up late -> did not exercize (boo)

Got to Work -> Still Motivated! (woot!) Found awesome-sauce tutorial (woot!)

I can do this! (WOOT!)

Today -> Will finalize co-op food order

This weekend -> WILL dedicate Saturday morning to Art! (woot!)

Still Motivated!


Here’s how awesome last night raiding was:

We engaged Gluth right? Bell started dragging him to the end of the room and we asked “Um, who’s tanking with Bell?”


TIGER! You do it!

WHAT!?! I’m in my KITTY-suit!

Well, oh, ok…. ok, got him Bell. tick tick tick Ok I’m at 3 stacks *tau-*



Meanwhile in vent –

Bell: Oh sh*t I just DC’d!

Me: I think I did too!

Mel: Well you’re still holding aggro…. oh, there it goes


*Meanwhile I’m staring at the loading screen*

When I finally get back in-game, our second DK (not Mel) is dead, and Gluth is at 20% or so.

Bell and I then continued to tank the crap out of him and we all collectively wiped up the floor with his face.

It was a GREAT night.

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  1. That it was. It was crazy seeing how fast they all went down! I remember looking at Gluth when the first decimate happened and being like “holy crap he’s like… dead already! How’d that happen??”

    Yay us! Kitty-tank FTW!

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