So Close… SO close…

Free your mind! (for those of you that remember Foamy the Rabid Squirrel and his matrix spoof…)

We almost took out Sarth 2D. We were SO CLOSE!


It’s painful to think about this morning, but so so close. I think we’ve still got people dying to voids and fire walls. Picking up adds is a terrible, awful job and one which, thankfully, I wasn’t in charge of last night.

We had a Warrior on Sarth, myself on Tenebron and Vesperon, and then we had our Death Knight was doing double-duty on whelps and embers. Eventually we had one of our hunters swap out for his warrior and we tried it with four tanks. I think that alleviated some of the issues, but we kept loosing healers.

We are, however, very VERY close.

The heartening part about last night was the focus and dedication of everyone involved. On Wednesday we had one of those ‘backsliding’ nights. You know the kind, most everyone has killed these bosses 2, 3, 10 times already. They’re getting bored, they’re getting inattentive, sloppy, etc. We had a very sloppy night on Wednesday.

But everyone pulled together for last night.

We got through Malygos pretty quickly (3rd times a charm) and then spent the rest of the night working on Sarth 2D. We went in with 23 people as well but, as the night progressed, a couple more members logged on and were summarily yanked into the instance.

I think they did rather well! In fact, for one of our raiders, Sarth 2D was his first experience in 25-man raiding! He-hey buddeh! Welcome to the Jungle!

We’ve got Fun & Games 😀


In other news, I bottled some Kombucha… it’s making a new SCOBY! D’oh! I guess those are prolific little buggers!

I don’t expect to get much WoW-ing in this weekend either, got a comic to work on 😀 /cheer

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