Sorry, I Lied…

*shifty eyes*

I actually did get a good amount of WoW-time in over the weekend. In fact, I must confess that I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with my baby shammy. When I sat down on Sunday she was a mere level 37, and the the time I went to bed that night I’d ground her all the way to 41.

And NO, I didn’t do it through dungeon runs. That day I had Mr Tigerfeet take me once through Zul’Farak, and then a nice pally-man took me through Cathedral. I got 1/3 of a level from ZF, and only about 1/5 of a level from SM Cath. That still leaves at least 3 1/2 levels I did ALL BY MYSELF!

I’m usually pretty against running low levels through stuff. I don’t like being powerleveled and I don’t like doing it for others. I made a slight exception this time though because my quests were starting to get ridiculous. When everything is orange and red you know you need to get some leveling from elsewhere.

Mudsprocket helped save my bacon on that score, and I’m rather chagrined to notice that, after the fact, I had completely forgotten about the Arathi Highlands. D’oh.

Either way, Shaman = love. I’m leveling enhancement and enjoying every minute of it. There was a streach of a few levels down in my early 30s where I’d have to sit and drink after every fight. It was getting to be frustrating, but then Atrides came up and thwapped me for using Lightning Shield instead of Water Shield.

I made the suggested change and now, not only do I have no down-time, I can successfully out-last just about anything. No, really, I feel like a freaking Paladin in all their roach-ey glory.

Last night, though… was absolutely great.

I wasn’t on Rainseeker (my shaman), I was instead playing Tigerfeet. I’d logged on with the intent to futz around with some dailies and then maybe hop over to Rain later and continuing leveling her.

My guild, however, needed me. I’m such a sucker for being needed.

They were wrapping up Naxx-10 and needed another tank. Well sure, I figured, I’ll go. I don’t have to be happy or cheerful, I just have to tank stuff. See, last night I’d gotten one of my random fits of depression. The kind where you start to wonder what’s the point in anything if you can’t leave a lasting impression on the world. The best lasting impression to me are children, the ultimate form of creation, the ultimate sacrafice of love. I can’t have children though, so sometimes the prospect of working diligently away at my life, accruing things and building a wholesome home (forever to remain empty), gets me down. It always seems to happen at once. A couple of guildies we’d had take a break because of a new baby have started playing again, then yesterday the MOTD urged us to congratulate one of our shamans on his new progeny, and Phae is setting down her blog because of her impending blessing…

You see? When it rains it pours.

So last night I was just in a blah kind of ‘feel-sorry-for-myself’ mood. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to escape.

So I tanked the Military wing, my least favorite, but I did it anyway. Then we got to Saph and, oops, nobody had their frost resist gear with them. We decided to say ‘screw it’ and killed him without the FR gear. One dead dragon later and we were passing out our membership cards for the ‘100 club’.

Grats from the guild and then on to KT. Hey, we’re on a roll tonight, why don’t we try his achievement too? That was actually pretty fun. Kill 18 abominations before phase 2.

We didn’t have any specific plan apart from pull the A-bombs and see what happened. We were very scared that when we’d pull a group of a-boms we’d get whatever else was lurking in the corner along with. Nope, that’s not the case. Range-pull an abom and you’ll get the 3 in the corner and nothing more.

So, we’d pull a group, kill them, then pull another. About 3-4 pulls in it dawned on me that nobody was counting how many aboms we were killing. Oops. Oh well, we’ve gone too far now, let’s just get down as many as we can and hope that it’s enough. Pull, tank, kill kill kill, pull, tank, kill kill kill, lather rinse repeat.

Phase two I just did my best to stay out of the way and toss hots where I could. Phase three I picked up the big bug-men and then down went KT aaaaaaand. We Just Couldn’t Get Enough. Like I said, we don’t know how many we killed, but we always had an extra group on us. It made phase one a lot more fun and interesting for tanking. I’m hot sure how dps felt about it, they certainly did a good job of keeping the other adds in check along with getting the aboms down.

Well, ok, Naxx is dead, we’ve all got two new achievements, now what?

Sarth Sarth!

But I said, what about Malygos? We haven’t killed him on 10-man yet…

Needless to say, everyone loved this idea, so off to Malygos we went!

First try was a very good solid attempt except we didn’t make the enrage timer. We were at 2 minutes by the time we got to phase 3, and I was having some difficult aggro issues. One of our locks got 1-shotted because her dots ticked her up above my threat during the vortex.

I must do something about this. The second time we killed him, but she was still holding way back. This wasn’t a question of not having enough dps, it was a question of the tank not generating enough threat. This hasn’t been something I’ve had to deal with since BC when I was tanking in Kara for a group that way-outgeared me and all I had was a Braxis Staff of Slumber! That was rough.

Anyway, we killed Malygos, but not before he killed us.



No… REALLY! We were all dead!

Don’t believe me?

Click for Larger

Click for Larger

My raid frames are on the left, underneat my character frame (Yes I’m using default, ooooh the ghetto!)

It’s a nice shot if I do say so myself, You see Maly all *omgwtfbbq’d!* falling out of the sky, my pointer is hovering on him and we know that yes he is, indeed, skinnable, we’ve got the achievement in there and… of course, we see that everyone is, indeed, quite dead.

Hilarity, pure hilarity. Plus, by this time, I was most certainly not feeling a bit depressed! In fact, I got up this morning and got some exercizing done this morning. There’s just something about physical exertion that starts your day out right, really!

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  1. Speaking as a warlock who just *loves* to blame the tank on those rare (since 3.0, anyway) occasions that I’m threat-capped: DO NOT beat yourself up for it in the Eye of Eternity! The fact that we can continue to DPS through the Vortex phases gives us a huge advantage in DPS (not to mention headstart on threat) over everyone else in the raid, especially if there happens to be a Power Spark on the ground.

    (I’m pretty sure rogues can cloak out the Vortex too, judging by the alarming frequency with which EoE rains rogues … but what are *they* going to do? Throw knives at Malygos? Silly rogues.)

    But, yes. Malygos is one of the few fights where we can actually shine (Sapphiron is another), so some of us go a little, tiny bit overboard … and really push our tanks in the process.

    Just tell your warlock to blow her Soulshatter early. The way druids generate threat, she won’t need it again. 🙂

    • Tigerfeet
    • February 24th, 2009

    Actually, I rather welcomed the challenge! I’m getting fluent enough now with the Maly fight that it’s not such a scramble to make sure he’s in the right place, having a dps riding my threat wave really starts to make things interesting!

    • Beamen
    • February 24th, 2009

    ive found in 25 man its best to blow threat drops after the first vortex, even though i dont have dots really, i still blow instant casts while in the air, and eventually i’ll be getting sparks and the tank probably wont. If i pop invis right as we land from the first vortex, threat isnt an issue again, locks should probably soulshatter at that point to to play it safe.

    • Boostah
    • February 25th, 2009

    People that play high threat classes and often fail to manage their personal threat generation during “normal” encounters are the bane of tanks (and often the entire raid) when wrinkles are thrown into fights.

    (In this case its a player that either can’t or won’t manage threat. My personal hope is that Ulduar causes players to have to pick up their game. Its a little too easy for people to not pay attention, thus bad habits are running rampant with little or no repercussions)

    I like the approach of taking it as a challenge, put the control of the situation back in your own hands as much as is possible under the circumstances.

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