So, this internet meme thing, right? When I was just a wee little Tiger I joined an art community during college. I had a pack of friends and we all joined and spent copious amounts of time congratulating ourselves on how awesome we were and generally being clique-ey and exclusionist. Eventually the whole thing blew up in our faces and we went our separate ways.

Then these meme things started happening. I’d retreated from any and all contact with the outside world by now and really had no friends to tag me so I started yanking memes that I thought were neat and wanted to do and yadda yadda.

It was dreadfully lonely.

So I resolved that I wouldn’t do any more unless someone actually thought enough of me to give me a tag and say “hey, I’m thinkin’ of you girlie, and guess what? You’re IT!”

Ok, so, perhaps that was a little bit over-the-top on the melodrama, but if you’ve learned nothing about me yet, make sure to remember that I’m a bit of an emotionally needy mess and dearly love getting attention.

Without further ado, the lovely Oriniwen over at Artisian Level has tagged me!

So, I’ll cough up the goods. Here’s the 6th screenshot in my screenshot folder. Well, ok, actually it was the 7th screenshot, but the 6th one was a result of my husband and I merging warcraft folders and the mess that followed, so it wasn’t technically my screenshot. So I deleted it, and what follows was my 6th screenshot.

What follows is the result of everything you have seen here.

You should probably click on it or something… because I fail at html formatting.

That… right there… is what usually happens when I decide I’d like to go harass some Alliance. I think it was in preparation for a SW raid of some sort… *coughcutthroatalleycough*


Yeah… we’ve all got low lvl toons…

Yeah… we’re all dancing naked…

you gotta problem with that!?!

Yeah, I never claimed sanity was one of my virtues. I do, whole-heartedly, admit to being random, quirky, deranged, deluded, and quite often disturbed.

Ok, time for taggin’ people, and NO, I’m not gonna do that whole “If you read this you’re tagged” thing, it doesn’t make people feel special. I like to feel special, I want others to feel special too.

  • PILSNER! My Guild Leader, from From Cow to Chicken. She hasn’t updated since Christma- Oh wait… she just updated, wow-ee! Ok girly, let’s get this on a roll, you’ve been tagged!
  • KALON! From Think Tank. You’ve helped me out so much buddeh, I can’t help but harass you. PS- My husband objects to your startling lack of Warrior posts, just so ya know. (read as: keep up the bear posts, druids are for fite)
  • VARENNA! From Binary Colors. I don’t know what I’d do without your daily dose of ridiculously offensive and NSFW cussing. Seriously, you have the courage to blog what I do not, but you and I? My head-chatter is right there with ya. I need to L2Read… she already did it. *huff*

Digging through my list of people that I regularly read to find three needles in the haystack people who haven’t done this little thinger yet has already taken up quite enough of my work time… *ahem*

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  1. I tagged you … sort of. I guess I need to L2tag though, I apparently messed it up. I’m still learning this whole wordpress/blog stuff. Mebbe I’ll just tag you for the other one I did instead. =P

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