Achievements, Awesomeness, & the Anti-Guild


I pulled a very late night last night. I don’t think I was asleep until midnight or somewhere there-abouts. I didn’t even crack open my nightly reading material, just cuddled up with the kitties, shut off the lights, and went unconcious.

The reason why I was up so late has everything to do with my recent aquisition of Shocking, Subtraction, The Dedicated Few, and The Safety Dance.

We were also painfully close to The Undying as well.

We started on Thursday after our 25-man raid completed Heroic: Twilight Duo in record time (one hour, three attempts, one kill). We started with Less is More (I wasn’t present for that one) but then we quickly moved on to Naxxramas.

We killed the Arachnic quarter first, of course. It was clear that our DPS was a little slower than we were used to. We were missing 2, after all, so it was only to be expected. So I pulled a weenie and called it a night and we all promised we’d finish up on Monday.

So it was a long Monday.


It’s not required to have only 8 people on the 4 horseman fight to get The Dedicated Few achievement.

We did it anyway.

Also, on Gothik it’s quite possible (and actually very easy) to have live-side covered by a Druid Tank, a Pally Healer, and a Rogue DPS. Gothik was the first time the entire run that someone died. We started out with 2 dps on live side and the rest on dead and it just wasn’t enough. We made that one switch and things went smooth as silk. Oh don’t worry Undying, we’ll get you next week.

The only other times we lost people that night was when a hunter who likes to live on the edge died twice to Saph’s breaths, on successive air phases… No more battle rezzes for him. (We’d already blown Undying, so it was occasion for us all to laugh at him). The other unfortunate death happened on Kel’Thuzad.

A bit of a perfect storm blew up to smash our faces into a wall. A few people forgot to take off their frost resist gear and I (who was tanking the adds) managed to get ice blocked and between the 104% ice block damage and the (really freaking big) bugs it was just too much to heal through. So, down I went, and everybody else followed suit soon after.

It was late and we were all making little mistakes here and there. When we actually do start running for The Undying we’re all definitely going to be in a different mindset.

The Anti-Guild

As awesome as it is to be able to say you can clear X content with less than Y number of people is, it always makes me uncomfortable.

For example, we mopped up Naxxramas with 8 people. Eight, hand-picked people. There were two people who didn’t get to come along and share in our conquest, and that makes me sad.

I know it’s just a personality quirk of mine. I want everybody to be able to have fun and to be part of the group. It comes from knowing, in the most primal and visceral of ways exactly what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. I also know that not everyone is up to the challenge a lot of these achievements represent.

I don’t know if <Unemployed> will ever complete the Heroic: Glory of the Raider. In fact, I’m pretty sure we won’t. We’ll try like hell, but I’m not going to bank the farm on it. We just don’t have enough people performing at that peak, and that’s ok. We’re not a hard-core guild. We only raid 3 nights a week and we don’t force people into specific specs. We try to avoid min-maxing and exclusionist policies because, first and foremost, we are a guild “For the Good Times”.

Collecting Achievements is a whole lot of fun, and I love doing it, it just makes me uncomfortable when the call has to be made to take this person over that one. It’s a call I’m thankful that I don’t have to make.

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  1. Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The exclusion I mean. Every time we have more than 25 people signed up to raid, we have to make that call. When we were doing 10man progression and there were more than we could fit into one 10man group, we had to make that call. There’s rarely (I could say never, because I don’t remember the last time it happened) a time when the choice isn’t clear-cut.

    You’re doing achievement runs because you want to. They’re not scheduled guild runs. It’s the same as you and four others deciding on Friday to run 6 hours of heroics for badges on Saturday. Except this time it was 8 people and not 5, or 10, or 25.

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