It’s Always Best to Wait for the Healers

Trust me, you’ll live longer.

Last night <Unemployed> embarked on our journey to become Immortal. No, we didn’t go hunting for the legendary fountain of youth, nor did we start peeking under rocks in hopes of finding an oblidging vampire.

No, my friends, our quest to become Immortal began with 23 people, a dream, and one surly Death Knight Instructor.

Things started off very well. Razouvious without a hitch, Gothik was completed with similar competence, and it wasn’t until we hit up the 4 horsemen that we ran into issues. What issue? Well, when you have a resto shaman who’s staring down Blameaux, rolling 8 stacks on the debuff, standing in one of her void zones all in the middle of disconnecting, well, things start getting interesting.

Needless to say the poor shaman dropped. What ensued was heated debate over weather or not we were out of the running for this week. Apparently there’s some scuttlebut going around that if you make sure to kill Rivendare first (since he counts as the ‘boss’), any deaths afterwards won’t be counted against you. Something to do with a bug and 4 horsemen not being required for The Dedicated Few. (which by the way I think is ridiculous, we completed The Dedicated Few AND killed the 4-horsemen with only 8 people just fine tyvm)

So, unsure about our fates we continued onto the Construct Quarter. Patchwerk down, then Grobbulous… except…. we lost another shaman. This one was another DC, except he didn’t call it out on vent. You can take out insurance against DCs like that, that’s why we had at least one paladin re-spec. Problem is, if we don’t know you’re DCing we can’t be ready to carry you through until you can come back and stop staning in the fire.

So, our quest for Immortal will have to continue.

Fun fact on Gluth: I can tank the zombie chow. Not kite, tank. It was my first time doing so and I was a little lost. He got quite a snack during the first decimate but, despite that, we still killed him before the second decimate. And thanks to our retadin who came back after the first decimate to help show me the ropes. I think next time I’ll do a much better job and the raid as a whole seemed to think having me tank the darn things worked much better than risking one of our fragile holy paladins. (we have a lot of paladins)

As for the title? Well. After we took out the Military and Construct quarters we decided to go kill some Spiders really quick. We only had 20 or so minutes left in the raid time and, oh, what a coincidence, Arachnaphobia is only 20 minutes!


/~half the raid is ready

/pull trash

DK tank dies, Warrior tank dies, Bear tank dies, DPS either dies or runs for the hills. AFK people finally get back to their screen.

Warrior: Woah I’m dead

Mage: Why’s everyone dead

Warlock: C’mon guys I left for TWO minutes!

Meanwhile I’m laughing so hard I can hardly breathe. To make matters worse I think when some people came back they didn’t realise we were doing spiders instead of plague. No doubt thinking we’d wiped to gargoyles or something they started jogging down that direction.

I have no idea who it was. All I know is I was sitting there, merrily chowing down on my mana strudel and suddenly DPS are dropping like flies. I look up the ramp back towards the exit and what do I see?


Undead and slimies running amok amongst the clothies. Ready? Ready? TANK TANK TANK!

Ok, the undead are… um, dead-er. Slime is down, let’s get the dead back up.

Over vent:

Warlock: “I’m combat locked”

Hunter: “Still kiting here!”


By this time he’d kited the slime all the way around and back to the raid. We killed it, but I was again laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

Needless to say, last night was fun. Definitely one of the best nights in Naxx in a while. I really enjoy the achievement system. It goes a long way to making old content new again.

Oh, and big props to Layni too. It was her first time helping us take out Grobbulous and she handled the debuff like a pro.

Definitely, PRO.

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  1. “Okay, I’ll take the orange slime! Wait, I don’t have it. Shit. Okay, I still don’t have it. *Starfire crit for 14k as the slime is 3y from me* I got it! Oh.” *dead*

    • Tigerfeet
    • March 11th, 2009


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