NEWSFLASH : The Recession Strikes Again!

Today, on Tigerverse. Not even the treetop market is immune to the sweeping layoffs that are holding our great World in a Death Grip of Terror.

That’s right folks, a certain Treebound Cat has been Laid Off and will soon find himself <Unemployed>.


Well, if he hasn’t been scared away by the singing, lewd comments, and over-abundance of Canadians then I don’t think there’s much that’ll shake his leafy branches.

Welcome to the fold Maer. Beer’s in the fridge, and try not to step on the Paladins. We keep meaning to get them fixed, but somehow they just breed like rabbits.


In other news:

That Malygos addon?


Smooth like buttah.

Sweet like candeh

Tight like a-

Ok… yeah, it rocks 🙂 It’s got everything I need and nothing I don’t, is lightweight, and I can move it to wherever I want. It’s my firm opinion that something like this should have been included in DBM from the get-go, but c’est la vie.

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  1. Excuse me, but I am NOT in the fridge, thank you very much!

    Ooh, you so punny.

  2. I think I can find a job for that cat

    • Boostah
    • March 12th, 2009

    You can never have an over-abundance (sic) of Canadians.

    • maerdred
    • March 12th, 2009

    Hey thanks! I’ll see what I can do about removing that Beer from the fridge ASAP. As for the Paladins… I’ll deal. they’re kinda cute tin cans of holy goodness.

    • Tigerfeet
    • March 12th, 2009

    Fun Fact! Ats and I maintain that Paly T7 looks like a can opener, and T8 looks like a trash compactor.

    And oh, I guess the beer /isn’t/ in the fridge, it’s running around /puffed with feathers and sometimes throwing down totems.

    • Mmorecowbell
    • March 13th, 2009

    Pally T7 looks nothing like a can opener, that was warrior T2 (or was it T1?). T7 on Pallies is clearly the GUNDAM set. It even has set bonuses when you combine pieces! Clearly inspired by anime!

    • oriniwen
    • March 13th, 2009

    What’s wrong with Canadians? We needs love and kittehs too …

    • Tigerfeet
    • March 13th, 2009


    Nothing’s WRONG with Canadians, we just happen to have a lot… and sometimes Canada DCs.

    Yeah, there’ve been times when we’ve lost all of our Canadians simultaneously. Very odd.

  3. Someone keeps pulling the plug on our collective igloo! ><

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