Now, I know for a fact I’m not anybody’s first choice for bleeding edge content information (and if I am ur doin’ it wrong), but I just HAD to talk about this!

New Achievements are up for Ulduar! Hurrah Hooray oh Happeh Day!

I really like Achievements.

I also LOVE the fact that when a guildie gets a new one you can see it in guild chat. It’s so wonderful to be able to congratulate someone else for what they’re doing, to see what everyone’s up to. Of course, a couple weeks ago when we knocked out 10-man Less Is More, The Dedicated Few, Subtraction, Shocking, and others we suddenly got a lot more interest from everyone in Glory of the Raider. Success does breed success after all.

But anyway, Ulduar Achievements. The full list can be found HERE, but I’ll talk about some of my personal highlights.

Heroic: Nerf Scrapbots – This one is extra special to our guild, and I think this will be one of the first actively worked towards just because of how pertinent it is. You see, if you’ve ever gone to the Naxxramas Construct Quarter you’ll notice that there’s a room full of slimes. You’ll remember that these slimes need to be AOEd down from range or they’ll destroy everything. You’ll also remember that they respawn ridonkulously fast.

Don’t drop a scrapbot in that room. Yeah, they pull aggro. We were merrily working our way through the trash on our way to Patchwerk when dps and healers started winking out like little squished lightning bugs. It was the scrapbot in the construct quarter with the slimes!

Heroic: I Choose You Runemaster Molgeim! – I’m a child of the 90s and, as such, I have many fond memories of long road trips sitting next to my sister, our Game Boys clutched in our little hands, connected via a purple sparkly link cable (c’mon, we’re girls, we’re allowed purple sparklies) duking it out via Pokemon.

Yeah, back in the day? We only had 150 pokemon and we LIKED it. And each pokemon only had ONE type and they couldn’t CARRY anything and we had to walk to the trainer in the SNOW up-hill BOTH WAYS.

Now get off my lawn.

Heroic: But I’m On Your Side – I don’t have anything funny or clever to say, but I do have a pile of concerns. No, make that one concern.

FIX DRUID COSTUMES! This is going to be STUPID unless they allow Druids to wear costumes while in forms. As it is, I hope you don’t have to spend the WHOLE fight dressed up. As long as all druids can be free to go into ‘caster’ form and don the costume at 5% or so to get the achievement it wouldn’t be so bad. We’ll have to see.

Heroic: Getting Cold In Here – So put on all your clothes? /snrk

Heroic: Deforestation – I think our new copse of trees will be objecting to that! (PS – When you’re packing resto druids, one is a stand, two a copse, and 3 or more a forest)

Heroic: Crazy Cat Lady – Ok, obviously some of these are still placeholders. I’m sure my definition of ‘cool’ would match quite nicely with others’ definitions of ‘lame’. HOWEVER, I move that this achievement come with a title.

And yes, I own every noncombat pet cat in the game.

Yes, all of them.

Did you know that if you pull out a Black Tabby and someone else pulls out Stinker you’ll get a nice little rendition of some classic old Merry Melodies flicks?

It’s true.

My poor little kitten been gettin’ gang-banged.

Heroic Drive Me Crazy – Oooh oooh! Like no one e-eeeeelse, ooh oooh! She drive’s me crazy and I can’t he-elp mah-saaayllllf! *ahem* I mean what?

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  1. But the scrap-bots… They dance! Why should we nerf the dance?!

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