This Too Shall Pass

So, I got to saunter in and throw down on Vasj and Kael on Sunday and all I’ve got to show for it is this nagging sense of dissapointment.

For the entire run I found myself sunken under a feeling of mourning and sadness that I hadn’t seen these fights in their prime. I’d missed out on the thrill and challenge.

As I stood there, looking at the ground as Kael’Thas Sunstrider breathed his last, his hand twitched towards me and that maniacal glow faded from his eyes, I didn’t feel any sense of triumph. There was a time when guilds would quiver in fear at his gaze, a time when he ruled Tempest Keep with an iron fist and all would bow beneath his gaze.


He was just another broken shell, an under-powered lord to be facerolled into oblivion by a half-attentive group of raiders cobbled together without any sense of a plan or strategy.

A shadow of what he once was.

Then we went to the Black Temple.

You know what? It felt like Naxxramas.

Gather up the trash, AoE it down. Bosses do stuff but the margin for error is so massive to allow for raiders to learn a fight on the fly and still walk away with victory.

We killed Najentus, Supremus, some guy with black wings, some other guy that had a ghost and lots of followers with glowing bits… You see what an impact it made on me?

Completely unremarkable.

I don’t even want to go back.

When I raided in BC the Black Temple always hung over your head, that one place to strive for, that benchmark for guilds, the goal. If you wanted to see the fight you damn well had to earn your way.

Did <Unemployed> make it to the Black Temple before Wrath dropped? No, we didn’t. I wish we had, and I would love to see the fights.

… but not like this.

Naxxramas is the same, raid content spread before us like a lush meadow, waiting for us to waltz over and take a sample. Epics arrayed for our perusal, a veritable buffet, laying there, ripe for the picking.

The dragon guarding the gates has become tired and worn, his teeth blunted and his reactions slowed.

I no longer want to kill Illidan. He will remain in my mind forever as the Lord of Outland, complete, whole, nigh-insurmountable.

Ideas are powerful things. I’ve said before that I love raiding for the challenge. My carrot has always been the ability to conquer a fight, my preferred reward a new fight, new mechanics to conquer.

Now though, all is easy. You can make it harder, yes, but the reward is simply better gear, a fancy title, a shiny mount. No longer is a difficult encounter the key to newer and more exciting things.

I feel like there is nothing more to strive for.

Of course, I’m on a WoW vacation this week. Next week I’ll be back, facerolling my way through Naxxramas, banging my head against the wall that is Sartharion with three Drakes.

For now I just feel apathetic…

… but this too shall pass.

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  1. I can see why you feel that way, but I feel a bit different. So I will share my point of view! 🙂

    I certainly don’t feel the same kind of accomplishment from killing Kael and Vashj last night as I would have after killing them back in their prime. But I still enjoyed going. Not to see how easy it is to kill them now that we’re OP, but to just admire the sights I’d never gotten to see. I’d never seen Supremus before. Sure, we took him down with ease… but seeing that GIGANTIC blue glowy demon… that’s why I went! I was in such awe at the sight of him, seriously… he’s HUGE! I didn’t even know what he looked like before I stepped in there!

    For me, it’s like watching the beginning of a movie or TV series after you’ve already seen the end or finale. You’re not watching because you want to know what’s gonna happen or you’re expecting anything to change, you are watching because you want to experience that work of art as a whole. You won’t get the same experience as someone watching it start to finish, but you’re still gaining something from it.

    We’ll never be able to go back and see these encounters as they were intended, but the least we can do is go back and appreciate the work that was put into them, if for nothing but the design of it!

    I will never claim that I ‘downed Kael’ or cleared all T5 content if someone were to ask me, because that’s not what I did. I went to see encounters I’d only ever heard stories of. I can now say, “Wow, we got hit pretty darn hard by Kael even at level 80!” And it makes me appreciate those who got him down in his prime even more.

    Now, Naxxramas… I’ve always said I think it’s too easy. That Blizzard didn’t give us enough with the release of Wrath. That it’s insulting that we can go in on our first week and pretty much clear all dozen or so bosses. In fact, you’ve been the one to always tell me “Ulduar! Ulduar will be the brick-wall!” 🙂 But honestly, it doesn’t feel real to me without it actually being present! I need a real goal to work towards, not some lofty “Upcoming Patch” crap. Naxxramas is our Karazhan… where is our SSC to look towards? If I was a completely sheltered player who didn’t follow patches and blogs… i’d feel like I’d pretty much beat the game. I’d be done with this stuff.

    Anyway, that’s at least how I feel 🙂 Hope you enjoy your week off and it revitalizes you! Will miss ya! Part of me is hoping all the 10-man slots get filled, because honestly I’d much rather be sleeping or studying or cleaning or cooking or playing an alt or even doing my taxes than doing 10-man Naxxramas for achievements. 😛

  2. I have to agree with you, even with the promise of upping the difficulty, Blizzard still is going to make the content much more open. This allows brute forcing your way through raiding possible which I feel shouldn’t be so. Why bother trying to make your character/raid the best it can when the average player can walk in and be successful? Sure hard modes are in the game but I don’t care much about gear, gear is a means to see more challenges to me which doesn’t look to be the case in 3.1 I think this break I’m taking from raiding will do me some good as well.

  3. Hey, I agree completely. I went back and killed Vashj because I’d never been past Lurker, and we wiped a couple times due to complete apathy, but for the most part it was easy, simple, depressing. Naxxramas caused me a lot of concern when it came out, too, because of its ease. It was the pinnacle of WoW Pre-BC. Now it’s simply a farming instance. Saying you downed KT used to be a badge of pride, time, effort and coordination; now it’s something I do with a pug.

    Just not the same. I never made it to Illidan. I made it to Council and stalled there before my guild fell apart. Part of me wants to see the fight; part of me never wants to ruin my idealized image of him.

  4. Some of this is probably the pre-patch blues that always seem to go around. Part of this may be a true lack of challenging content for high end raiders. Most of this may be the aging nature of a very *old* MMO. You have to ask yourself, how much more CAN they do and will it ever truly be *enough*? The point here is that at some point you either have to find a part of the game that is fun to you apart from raiding, or just take a break and play another game until Blizz can come up with some new stuff. I’d rather they take their time and do it right than rush because we’re all “bored” and push out crap that we’ll all complain about again.

    I think it’d be cool to tweak heroic mode on those old raids to make it bump everything up to 80 like dungeons, then you could go back and either just see the content on “normal” or give yourself an old challege on heroic. I’m not sure how they’d be able to scale that stuff though, but its a cool thought, IMO.

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