I WAS Having A Great Day…

And then I tried to go to lunch…

And my car wouldn’t turn over…

So now I have no lunch and no transportation

/cue copious amounts of QQ



Turns out it -was- turning over, but not all the cylinders were firing and so the thing would promptly die.

I still have no lunch and my fingernail started hurting suddenly VERY badly, but knowing that I can now get home has been a wonderful boon to my day.

Oh, and I also made a sticker. Over thatta way ->

Isn’t it cute? (PS ~ we ARE recruiting)

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  1. I am sympathetic, I really am because I am always the “leave your wallet at home because your a zombie in the morning and have to beg for lunch money” person.

    And this post also reminded me I didn’t feed the cats this morning.

    • Tigerfeet
    • March 26th, 2009

    It’s funny you say that about your cats because some of the extra money we just happened to have right now was going to get two of ours fixed (we only have 3, one of which is already fixed)

    It’s funny how just when we find ourselves with a little extra in the budget the car decides to do something obnoxious 😦

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