I’m Actually Having A Very Productive Weekend

I arted! I made this!

See? I can TOO draw!

That’s right tiger, keep telling yourself that, maybe if enough people agree with you you’ll begin to agree with them.

Then you’ll get such an insufferable arteeeeest ego that your head won’t fit through doors, you’ll disgust the paint off the walls, and not even the cats will be able to stand you.

Better that you keep subtly hinting about your mystical nothing-to-do-with-WoW-webcomic.

And now I shall stop speaking of myself in the third person and promise you all that, come Monday, we will return to our regularly scheduled insanity. This week’s break has been great šŸ™‚ Thanks for your patience.

PS – his name is Virgil, and he’s about to hit his head very, very hard.

PSS – he was supposed to be looking awesome and bad-ass, instead I tossed him off a cliff.

PSSS – PNG files are the SEX.

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    • Guinesa
    • March 29th, 2009

    It looks great. I have some ideas…

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