Enhanced Claws

I’ve discovered something interesting that, in retrospect, really should have been obvious from the beginning.

Druids love Shamans, and vis a versa.

It’s really quite obvious why. Both classes can choose to spec either healer, ranged, or melee DPS. The most glaring difference is that Druids can tank. Properly specced and geared I think a Shaman would likely be able to tank a regular instance as well, and maybe even a heroic.

So first of all, my favorite reason for playing a Druid, the versatility and ability to do whatever I want within one class, is echoed in our totem-tossing brethren.

But what about Paladins? Paladins can heal, melee DPS, or tank. But Paladins have a very different flavor from both Druids and Shamans. The former is very much a warrior for the ‘light’, a crusader, and a defender of organized religion. The Shaman and Druid, however, take their role and step back

A Shaman’s role is as a spiritual leader, yes, but instead of buying into righteous fervor they espouse communing with the spirits and ancestors, encourage their charges to ask their own questions, and find their own way, only offering guidance when it is sought.

Druids are similar. While not usually cultural leaders, the druids are none-the-less in control of their surroundings. They council one-ness with nature and balance in all things, preferring only to act when a situation has gone so far ut of hand that it won’t be resolved naturally.

While flexibility in a single class is the same, I think it’s this flavor that sets Druids and Shamans apart from Paladins, and is part of the root of why I see so many Druids with Shaman alts, and so many Shamans dabbling with their toes in fur (or bark, or feathers).

My main alt is a Shaman. She’s level 53 now and all I can think of is: Rainseeker? Where have you been all my life?

PS ~

/cast Shamanistic Rage
/cast Blood Fury

broken I.W.I.N. button?


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  1. No wonder I like my Shammy so much. =D My resto druid is my main, my mage is definitey my favorite at the moment, but I am really enjoying my shammy as well.

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