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The Faltering Pin Drop

Stay a while, and listen. I have a story for you kittens that I’ll hope you keep close.

Behind us lay the Flame Leviathan, shattered and in ruins. Its mangled masses of metal struts and gears bulking behind us, dominating the skyline at the end of the hallway.

Already forgotten.

Before us, his great metal feet stomping the ground, as his deceptive voice muttered childish nothings, was our prey. Twenty-five strong we stood, myself and all of my friends. We were sooty and singed from dealing with the guardians to his chamber, but we hadn’t even broken a sweat. I cracked my furred knuckles and took a moment to look back at the other Clan leaders.

What a motley group we were.

Two were troll hunters, engaged for the moment with their pets. Two were blood elves, recently come allies. The rogue was leaning against a wall, looking surly while the death knight stood stoic, her gaze cold like death itself. I peered at her, and not for the first time was I reminded of a certain priest that I used to know.

The final two were Tauren, like myself. Handfasted, and our Clan leaders. With my own clan gone they welcomed my wandering hooves and gave me a place to feel useful.

But all that flitted through my mind in a moment as I stood there, at the head of our hunting party. We were given a mission from Thrall to investigate this faceless horror that had awakened in the depths of Ulduar.

The XT-002 Deconstructor merely stood in our way.

“Allright everyone, Pay Attention!” A hoof in the dust as I pivoted around, fixing the party with my elder’s gaze. “The spirits won’t continue to be kind to us if we continue to award them with nothing but failure. Thrall entrusted us with this mission and…”

They stood there, rapt. Their eyes hard as their hands clutched at their ready weapons. From the tallest Tauren to the most svelte of Blood Elves they watched as I paced up and down the throng. I spoke of how he was to do this at such time and if she didn’t do thus unspeakable atrocities would rain upon the rest of us.

And as I talked, a curious thing happened. The click of hooves on the ancient stone took on a determined timbre, the Trolls stood straighter and even the Forsaken seemed to find strength in their decaying spines.

All of this was lost to me, however, as I focused on the task, the challenge at hand. That is to say, I was oblivious until I paused and heard the faint clatter of a bullet dropping to the floor.

Boostah looked slightly chagrined as he knelt down to retreive his wayward ammunition, “Be sorreh mon. Keep ye goin’ eh?”

The Clan was silent, and attentive. It was this moment that struck me. No longer a shiftless wanderer was I, struggling for recognition and respect. No longer was I a knock-kneed calf uncertain in her abilities.

Now I was truly Sergent Tigerfeet, Elder of the Tauren, and leader of Raids.


And Little Did I Know…

That beneath his peaceful, unassuming bark…

was a raging feral feline just waiting to be unleashed!


This is a copy of the WWS from last night. I’ve focused on our kill for 25-man XT-002 Deconstructor.

(Yes we killed him! and 10 seconds before the enrage too! /confetti)

Top five DpS, we have a Combat Rogue, a Retribution Paladin, TWO(!) feral felines, and a Destruction Warlock.

Beyond our success last night, beyond this new feeling of synergy I have with the other officers, beyond all of that, I think I’m most excited about seeing one of our members (who had struggled in the past) finally find his niche.

He’d been running as a healer before and, quite frankly, had the raid awareness of a can of beans. He was particularly suceptible to healer tunnel-vision, and the source of much frustration during our Sartharion 3D attempts. He wasn’t a bad healer, but when he was put in a situation where he needed to pay critical attention to something other than health bars his skill began to falter.

We in Unemployed have found ourselves fortunate enough to have a slight (SLIGHT!) over-abundance of healers. Enough definitely so that we could safely rotate one or two in and out of DpS slots as needed. So, to our newly-furred friend, I popped the question yesterday before the raid: “Would you like to forsake your branchey roots and devote yourself full-time to the fine art of ripping face?”

The answer was yes.

My hopes weren’t particularly high, however. I suggested Rogue Power Bars to him, and I pointed him at Feral by Night and Face Mauler, thinking the best I might be able to hope for was to set him up with something that told him what to do and when so that at least he wouldn’t be an embarrassment.

What did I get for my under-estimation?

I got freaking blown away.

I asked him after the fact which addons he’d installed and was using. The answer? Just Rogue Power Bars. He hadn’t bothered with the skill-eliminating addons I’d so derided in my post last week. It was all him.

I am so freaking proud! I feel a little ridiculous that I feel so strongly about this, I feel like I took a wobbling, unsure little chick and have finally helped it find its eagle’s wings.



And Now For Something Completely Useless

Seafood sensation from Subway.

Flatbread – which must be toasted. Have them toast the bread before they put your crab on it. You want warm bread and cold crab and fixings.

Add provalone cheese and send it down the line.

When they ask for toppings ask for vinegar, but make them put the vinegar between the cheese and the crab, if they just put it on the cheese it’ll run all over the place and be nasty.

Then add olives, onions, and spinach.

Thus completes Tiger’s Top Guide to a medium-nice lunch.

Nice would’ve been tunafish salad made MY way with freshly-baked and toasted home-made sourdough bread.

Total Tuesday Co-Out

First, go read Fel Fire’s not-so-latest post.



Yeah, what she said.

I’m a new raid leader, leading a new raid. I’m naturally hesitant and shy. Not to mention paranoid. If you told me everyone was out to get me I just might believe you. (I’m also whining most unbecomingly but please bear with me, I’m not feeling particularly clever)

It’s Tuesday, raid-night. We’ve finally mustered up enough people to get a full 25-man roster for TWO! days this week. Tomorrow we’ll have to do 10s, but c’est la vie.

Is it so wrong that all I can think of is how awesome it’s going to be to spend the weekend in a hotel room with my husband, buy a new swimming suit and take advantage of the pool, and join my sister this weekend when she graduates from college?

I’m seriously waiting for the day when our leadership looks at me and tells me to sit back down, they’ll lead the dam raid themselves.

ALSO – Despite my various neuroses, I’m stubborn as fuck and if I said I’d do this job I’m damn well going to do it and to the very best of my ability.

it helps to not end every other sentence out of your mouth with a question mark, irregardless of weather the preceeding sentence warranted a question mark.

You Ought To Be Ashamed

One of my very favorite feral blogs, and one of the first I turn to when I have questions (Of Teeth And Claws) wrote an article about rotation advisor addons. In his post he talked briefly about two of the up-and-coming more popular programs, and ruminated at length* over weather or not they constituted ‘cheating’.

His tentative opinion was that yes, using a rotation advisor goes a long way to removing skill from the game.

I agree completely! Blizzard is already removing skill from the game (360 swipe). Personally, I find it shameful to have an addon that tells you what button to press. In my experience, there’s quite a bit of joy to be had in topping the damage meters, especialy if you know you’ve done it yourself!

A number of his readers tried to defend the use of rotation advisors by saying their main job is tanking. It’s implied that tanking is so harrowing that they just can’t be bothered to learn about and maintain a viable dps rotation.

It’s not, there’s no excuse! I’m a main tank, and tanking is my main job, if I want kitty loot I have to wait until I can either get it on offset or invade someone else’s raid. I’m still rocking a (very bad) blue trinket and NONE of my gear is BiS.

Yet yesterday, I raided 25-man Naxx with my husband. I finally got to clock my DpS on Patchwerk (last week healing was fail, a tank went down, and I ate a hateful very early in the fight). While this week I still ended up eating a hateful strike, it wasn’t until Patches was at 1%.

I clocked at almost exactly 5k dps, and I topped the damage meter. I topped Grobbulous too, and Sapphiron. I did 5.5k on Loatheb WITHOUT the benefit of spores. My AP was 7.5k and my crit was 47%. I was using Karthis’s cat spec and using his advice and my own brainmeats for a rotation. Keep all buffs and debuffs up at all times, shred for damage and combo-points. I used Ferocious Bite when everything was up (which was very often with the 2pc T7 bonus and the Shred glyph)

The only addons I use to aid with DpS is rogue power bars. Last night I was only using mangle every once in a great while. I was one of two kitties and there was a bear besides, so I knew mangle would be up.

The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t NEED a cruch like that. Sure you could use it, but when you’re watching a little window, waiting for it to tell you what button to push where does your raid awareness go? If a patch comes out and your addon breaks will your dps tank? Without my RPB my job gets a good deal more difficult, but I’m still perfectly capable of watching my own buffs and the boss’s debuffs for the information I need.

My first exposure to an addon like this was when I downloaded and installed Shock and Awe for my shaman to help me track maelstrom stacks. It had a priority window. I used it for about five minutes and then turned it off in disgust. I still use the tracking timers, but the priority window is gone.

My advice to any aspiring kitties out there is to give these addons a try, but turn off the rotation advisor window. You all chose to roll druid, and your wisdom with choosing such a fine class is apparent. Trust your feral instincts and say no to the part of the addon that wants to turn you into a clockwork chimp.

We are feral cats!

*For an elf, he ruminates quite well, in my humble bovine opinion.

You Dirty Rotten Cheat

Bloggers beware, you’re being targeted.

This morning I received this e-mail in my inbox:


It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell/trade your personal World of Warcraft account. As you may or may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement of Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft. If upon further investigation you are indeed attempting to obtain monetary profit against the terms of the user agreement, your account can and will be disabled. Blizzard has the right to consider legal action if necessary, based on the severity of the action.

If you hope to avoid account suspension you should verify your personal possession of the account in question. We at Blizzard Entertainment take infractions of the user agreement quite seriously, and we must confirm the original ownership of the account. This is easily done by supplying your personal information about your account. You can confirm that you are the original owner of the account by replying to this email:

Please use the following template below to verfiy your account and information via email.

* First and surname
* Address
* Zip code
* Country

* Phone number daytime
* Account e-mail
* CD-key, alternatively a photograph of your CD-key that is located on your manual for World of Warcraft.
* Account name
* Account password
* Secret Question and Answer

If you ignore this mail your account can and will be closed permanently due to suspicions of alternative ownership. We ask that during the time of the investigation you give approximately twenty-four hours of inactivity after sending a response email. This should provide enough time for Blizzard to confirm your identity and that the terms of agreement are being followed as is necessary.


Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

This particular e-mail is scary because it came from an e-mail address ending in, and threatens legal action.
Note, however, the request for all of my pertinent account information. They’re asking for everything they would ever need if they wanted to attempt to be me, barring my Social Security number.
On the heels of my fun little Argent Tournament PSA comes an actual PSA. Funny how that works. Don’t forget, if you ever get an e-mail that looks like it’s coming from Blizzard, and it asks for your account name and password, it’s not from Blizzard. See THIS PAGE for advice from blizz on the subject. You can bet your biscuits that I reported them.

Argent Tournament PSA

Dismount from your jousting steed before you enter your faction’s tent.

Yes, the game will automatically dismount you if you forget.

When you are automatically dismounted you take a flying leap to the right. (nevermind that any riding enthusiast that can tell bit from bridle knows you mount and dismount on the left)

Improper riding ettiquite aside, this flying leap to the right is more than capable of getting a body stuck behind the rack of lances conveniently located just inside the door.

On the right.

Praise to Malorne that my hearthstone was on cooldown, because /unstuck certainly didn’t work.