Best. Prank. Ever.

As she walked towards the market eating the exotic fruit, her mind tarried on the Tauren in her dreams.

“I, for one”, she said whimsically to her mighty fist.

Tigerfeet forced herself to continue. “am thoroughly entertained”, she concluded, cast to the wastes of Hydraxis.

As she left the Moonglade, Tigerfeet heard the lilting elvish melody descend from leaf, branch and bough:
~ ten’ lle ier urra ar’ lle ier cold / you ier uma ar’ lle ier no / you ier e’ ar’ lle ier out / you ier de ar’ lle ier ndu ~

If you haven’t gone to the official forums yet today, do so.


Yes, I command you.

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  1. April Fools was pretty funny lulz. Did you see what happened to the RP forums lolcats?

    Oh damnit roflmao! It followed me here I lol’d IRL!

  2. “So. good.” she cried, squinting her eyes up towards the sky. “I loled” she proclaimed solemnly, and kneeled down in the dirt with the sun on her face.


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