Oh You Did NOT!

You did not just tag me Mister Bear, posessor of the Grandest of Gluteous Maxumi, Master of the Magnificent Maned Mound, Sir Biggest of Bear Butts.

Wait, you totally DID tag me, right after Fim tagged you. I’m in on the ground floor baby! Lookit all these other un-tagged blogs, laid before me like a scrumptious schmorgusboard, little juicy jewels, ripe for the picking.


Ok, maniacal cackling out of the way, I’m to write a haiku, that is class-based. And so, as I have recently professed my undying love of Shamans, coupled with my immortal assertions that Druids are BEST, served with a wonderful pan-sauce of Hybrids are made of win, I present to you.

Tigerfeet’s Ode to Hybrids (holier-than-thou Paladins need not apply)

Of claws and totems
Fulfilling any aspect
We are the hybrids

Thank you

/snap /snap /snap /snap /snap


  • Uncalled-for Righteous Indignation (check)
  • Maniacal Laughter (check)
  • Pompous Arteeeeest Attitude (check)

What more damage can one Druid do in a day? How does inflicting my insanity on others?

I’m callin’ y’all out! High Noon in the Dalaran Promenade!

—- and come alone.

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  1. Nice! πŸ™‚ You got the attitude just right.. πŸ˜›

  2. Thank goodness BBB sent us your way. I had no idea you existed and I really am enjoying your blog. Looking forward to speccing resto/feral in 3.1… I cannot wait to go back to feral as much as some may complain about nerfs, etc. It’s been a long time since I have been feral… your blog name makes me grin to no end. =D

  3. Nuuuu! I was hoping to avoid getting tagged for this one. Now I actually have to do something creative? Blech!

  4. My creativity is limited.


    Nads, that’s 2 people now. One more tag and I have to acquiesce this request

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