Tuesday Fun-Time

On the off-chance that I don’t get to write a real post for Tuesday, check out THIS.

You’ll have fun, I promise 🙂



My hunter, she has urgent, unshakeable, IMMEDIATE NEED of this new non-combat pet coming in 3.1

Click for full image

Click for full image


My hunter is wearing a pink shirt, runs around with her trusty tallstrider, Floyd (previously Mazzranache). I mean, come ON!

My quest to be as obnoxiously girly on my hunter as humanely (tauren-ly?) possible will never be complete unless she has this pet too!

Please oh please oh please make this BoE…

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  1. More pupils for the invasion force ^_^

    • Eglador
    • April 7th, 2009

    Me won 😀

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