Total cop-out post today guys, I’m sorry.

I’m working on something huge for you all, and it’s not exactly the HUD analysis, though that is being worked on too.

But this other thing will be ready before my first HUD post. And it will be lots of fun, and delicious, and awesome, and not really feral-related at all.

sorry ’bout that.

I also apologize quite a bit.


osnap, c wut I did thar?


OH! <Unemployed> cleared the first 4 quarters in Naxx last night in only 3 hours! First time we’ve made it through all 4 quarters in one night. Hurrah! Everyone did great, and we even managed to (finally) pick up Heroic: Make Quick Werk Of Him. First time we’ve done that fight with everybody connected too, so it was great.

Lots of chain-pulling, AoE, seat-of-your-pants glory to be had!

I’ve also been reading a lot about Ulduar and liking what I see. I may post my thoughts on some specific blue posts if I can’t think of anything more interesting to talk about.

Pre-patch blahs, WoW dry season. Yep, let’s blame that. 😉

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