Let’s Go Shopping! SUQEE!

In celebration of the almost-complete XX takeover of the <Unemployed> leadership, we have the above girly title.

Plus I’m always scrambling for raiding consumables (bad bad Tiger). What better timing then to make a personal shopping list? NONE! THERE IS NONE BETTER!

Flask of Stoneblood
no. needed per raid: 3
Mats (for 2): 7 Lichbloom, 3 Crystalized Life, 1 Frost Lotus, 1 Enchanted Vial

Worg Tartare
no. needed per raid: 20
Mats: 2 Worg Haunch, 1 Northern Spices

Snapper Extreme
no. needed per raid: 20
Mats: 3 Bonescale Snapper, 1 Northern Spices

Mega Mammoth Meal
no. needed per raid: 20
Mats: 2 Chunk o’ Mammoth, 1 Northern Spices

Scroll of Agility VIII
no. needed per raid: 20
Mats: 1 Ink of the Sea, 2 Resilient Parchment

Obviously I won’t be carrying around 60 pieces of buff food, 20 is just generally how many buff food I take with me.

Yes, I eat for hit


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