Everything Is Cleared

Yep, totally. We went last night, took Ulduar by the throat, and stomped it flat.

It wasn’t an easy fight, by any streach of the imagination. The first pull in fact wiped all of our raiders multiple times. Here’s a killshot for the first boss:

Did I say that was OUR kill shot? No, that’s the Loading Screen boss killing us!

However, in the face of adversity we persevered!

Some of us made it past the infamous Loading Screen boss to be greeted with the Instanced Locked boss. I got to run around the (empty) staging area for the gauntlet and Flame Leviathan and get the lay of the land!

Eventually the Instance Locked boss let me go and, after a quick disconnect, I was ported back to my hearthstone area.

Not wanting to push our luck some of us went to go play in Karazhan. Shortly after (FINALLY!) getting my tier-4 glove token from curator (we’ll have to see tonight if I’ve still got it), we found Ulduar’s weakness.

Actually, we found everything’s weakness.

That’s right folks! We brought down the server! Woo! Go <Unemployed>!

Now where’s our phat lewt?


We’ll be giving raiding one more shot tonight (raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, remember) and hopefully, if problems still persist, we’ll be able to enjoy a fresh start next week.

Some Feral notes:

Savage Defense makes us look like we’re dancing, always jumping up on our stubby little bear back-legs. Even with the armor and stamina nerfs though it feels quite overpowered. Tuesday I ran heroic Violet Hold with some guildies and our healer actually asked me to put my DPS gear back on because he was getting bored. (I accidentally ran in DPS gear up until just after the first boss) I’m going to have to reserve judgement about how I feel about SD until I can actually tank something in Ulduar. While it might be crazy OP for heroics, it might be just right for T8 content.

The new swipe is fun, but it’s not exactly un-targeted.

If you’ve got the rage and you stand there with nothing targeted, you can’t swipe. If you stand there with rage and have an enemy targeted and swipe then you’re good to go. It’s more accurate to say that it’s un-ranged. The effect is still the same and the utility of it is amazing (I still don’t think the 360º aspect was needed).

I’ve already got ideas for who will tank what when we get to Ignis.


I don’t know who the guenius behind this was, I just wish I had been clever enough to think of it on my own.

New Tauren Cat-Form, who's with me?

New Tauren Cat-Form, who's with me?

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  1. Blarrrrgggggh!

    I’ve been so excited about getting into Ulduar, and pumping up the guild for massive killing. And nothing is dying except our instance server, dammit. Let’s goooooooo…

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