Want To Play A Fun Game?

With your guild’s recruitment officer?

Step 1) Open applications for Death Knights.

Step 2) Sit back and watch the chaos ensue.

Step 3) /gigglefit.

I’m starting to wonder if the job of sifting through the deluge of DK applicants is more or less difficult/frustrating/nerve-wracking than raid leading.

Death Nuggets –

Their icy flesh is perfectly counter-balanced by a fiery mage sauce and best served over a salad of slightly wilted resto druid greens.

Also – Tomorrow? Presidential aggro, waaagh!

Loud government choppers are loud.

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  1. i couldn’t agree more

  2. Y’know, we had DK recruitment listed as “Open” for 2-3 months and had a whopping 4 apply in that whole time (2 of which were accepted). After the last one, I set it to “Limited” and indicated it wasn’t a class we had a raid spot for, and BOOM there they are.

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