I Guess It Doesn’t Bend That Way

Burn-out, I haz it.

I am so freaking burnt out it’s unreal, seriously. Spent all weekend without my computer save for a quick and dirty 25-man naxx run where I somehow found myself as mangle-bitch. As such my DPS suffered and even though I topped the chart on at least two fights, my average was about 4-500 lower than normal.

Stupid Mangle. WTB bear tanks, and Arms Warriors.

To add to that is the distinct possibility of doing 10-mans again this week. Things are still in flux so we’re not completely sure, but the majority of the officers are definitely in favor of doing two 10-man teams in order to gain experience on the fights.

Theoretically this is a good idea, but that doesn’t keep it from feeling like a failure for us as a guild, and for myself as a raid leader.

Or maybe it’s just me.

PS – I’m probably bipolar.

Either way, I’m looking forward to tonight with no WoW in sight. We’ll be having chicken enchiladas, compliments of Chef John. We’ll also be curling up on the couch as I dive into the second CD of season…. 6(?) of DBZ. I don’t know, I can’t remember which season we’re on, Gohan just grew up into a teenager and I find the ‘childish bumpkin-in-the-city’ antics of both Gohan and his father (a’ la regular Dragonball) thoroughly entertaining.

Plus I’ll get to work more on the afghan I’ve been making since… 2002.

Eventually I’ll get back into the swing of things and be able to regail you all with fantastic tales of derring-do from the World of Warcraft.

In the meantime (as I’m still getting comments on it)

Things that think for you are still bad.

Stay away from me you robot overlords!

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    • Dairykween
    • May 4th, 2009

    Tiger we passed this point a few weeks ago – its demoralising for all guild members and especially so for raid leads. Its not failure. The only failure you have at the moment is feeling like a failure because you’re not downing bosses in 2 raid lockout periods :p We’re all so spoilt by Naxx raiding, and have to re-learn what hardship, persistence and dedication is.

    It sounds like you’re a great raid leader, so don’t beat yourself up over this perceived ‘failure’ because your raids need you. They don’t need you to give them perfect strats and details, they need you to make decisions, be they the correct or incorrect ones.

    Doing 10 mans for experience and gear is, in my opinion, the correct decision. We are up to Mimiron in 10 man and have spent 3 hours on him so far, but have yet to drop him below 20% on the final phase. If we were doing this as a 25 manner, we would have had it SO MUCH harder learning the fight. People would have been demoralised, bored, frazzled and annoyed. At least by the time we make it to Mim in 25 we will have 80% of the raid ready to apply their 10 man knowledge to it.

    But I’m waffling! I’ve gotten quite fond of your ramblings so I don’t want to see you burn yourself out 😉 Take time off where you need it and ENJOY 10 man – I do!

    Oh and by way of PS: if you’re watching DBZ in english do yourself a favour and get the subbed japanese versions. Over 9000 times better!

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