Look Look!

Night Elf bears have nuts!


/immature giggling

PS – Shut up Braj!

— Differences:

  • Ears vs horns (and those ears aren’t nearly as goofy as the old ones were)
  • Bottom canines aren’t as *woah* as on the tauren model. This is a nice touch
  • Sideburns instead of chin-fuzz
  • Feathers on the arms. Tauren bears have no arm-feathers.
  • The ‘dangley bits’ now actually are nuts.
  • I thought I told you to shut up Braj?

And that’s it for the Model differences between the two updated Skins. I think the Texture differences are pretty well self-explanatory.

Now please excuse me while I go spec Pantherfeet back to feral from Balance.

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  1. *giggle*

  2. /giggle

    The Night Elf ears are a -huge- improvement over what they were, but those sideburns are kind of goofy. I still prefer Tauren bear form. I can’t wait to see cat form! (Especially now that my baby feral is in Northrend. Pleasepleaseplease let me be a little lioness and not a scrawny lion.)

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