Confirmed: Druids are not capable of divination

Case in point, I would’ve lost all that money I’d had bet that Night Elf cat form would be previewed before Tauren cat form.

Here’s the image, direct from the Blizzard’s mouth:

And now, just because yes, I’m that narcissistic, my blow-by-blow impressions:

  • ….
  • um….
  • er….
  • ew?
  • No… no
  • Ok, compare the two
  • Ok, it definitely is an improvement over stupid wyvern-face.
  • I don’t really like it
  • But it’s better.
  • Why don’t I like it?
  • Well… the claws aren’t big enough.
  • It’s on a black background, it’s possible I can’t see all of the claws. Ok, reserve judgement on the claws.
  • WTH is wrong with the upper lip?
  • *scrutinise scrutinise*
  • Oh, nothing, it just looks puffy because of the Texture, and the nose-ring.
  • Do I not like the nose-ring?
  • No, I like the nose-ring.
  • But it’s very masculine.
  • I like the existence of the horns.
  • I dislike that they’re not forward-swept like on the old model.
  • I can live with that.
  • I am sad there are no tiger stripes.
  • I can live with that too. A lion with tiger stripes doesn’t make much sense.
  • Why’s his head so big? WHY’S HIS HEAD SO BIG!?
  • *scrutinise scrutinise*
  • Perspective. Damn you perspective!
  • Reserve judgement until I can see it in-game.

And that’s it for my juvenile Squee-ing.

Bear/Cat color match-up possibilities coming soon!


Some kind (foolish) soul has posted up a ballot for which form you like best. I encourage all Druids of the Bovine persuasion to go and voice their opinions! And yes, he’s got an option for “original” there too.

Why are you still here? GO GO GO!

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  1. But it’s still so … male. 😦

    • Tigerfeet
    • June 2nd, 2009

    One of the commenters on BBB’s site recommended I think of it more in terms of the American Bison, as opposed to hoping for a sweet-faced Jersey.

    It helps 🙂

    • Jeursey
    • June 2nd, 2009

    Took the words out of my mouth, Elleiras. So male! With the mane, and the bull’s nose-ring… Somehow the scruffy old mane didn’t look as masculine.
    The long, long face is quite nice and Taureny, though, and I like the texture crinkling the muzzle into a growl.
    Eh, it’s different. Different is nice. I can’t wait to see whether my natural colouring will translate to the new forms I expect!

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