Who Haelz the Whu?

Shared Topic! Lookit me, all on the ball and crap.

The question was: I would love to read blogger’s thoughts on who they like to have heal them. Would you prefere a Holy priest of a Disc priest? A Holy pally or a Resto druid. Shammy maybe?

Now, normally, in raid, I run as a Bear Tank. Traditionally that meant that I had a stupid amount of armor and an ungodly deep health pool. Now-a-days, this isn’t so much the case. I’m still rocking a gook 41k health, but that’s a long way away from the 50k I was packing back during Sartharion 3D attempts.

These days, I’m a dodge/absorption tank. I can see that leading to some spiky health. Dodge, dodge, absorb, dodge, GIGANTOR HIT! Well, you get the idea.

Logically, from what I’ve learned raid leading, I would want someone with a lot of hots on me to even out the damage and maybe (if I were main tanking) a strong single-target healer just in case things got dicy.

Now here comes a bit of a confession: The reality of the situation is, most the time I don’t have a clue who, let alone what, is keeping me alive.

No, really, it’s true! I don’t know and I don’t care who’s got my back, so long as my back has been gotten. I can only think of one time where I asked specifically who was healing me and why I died.

The answer? It was a holy priest, and the only reason I died was because I was tanking Mimiron Phase1 during a Plasma Blast and my little pocket priest panicked for an instant and healed himself instead of me.

That was a case of saying, “Ok buddy, don’t panic, we have raid healers to take care of you, during Plasma Blasts I’m going to be taking so much damage that you can’t afford to devote even a moment of your attention to anything other than me.”

This is the same holy priest that complains to me when we do our jousting dailies before the citadel that I never heal my horse.

Heal my horse? I don’t heal myself! I have healers for that!

I was awarded with a /facepalm and a corpse run.

Yeah, I deserved that.

But the same thing stands- It wouldn’t have mattered who or what had been healing me, that mistake could have happened to anyone, and was a wonderful opportunity for learning, and since said priest did learn from the experience I don’t see it as any kind of a demerit to him or his class.

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  1. Well, you see… I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re tanking something, I’m healing you. Someone else may be healing you also. heck three other someone else’s may be healing you, but rest assured, if you’re tanking something, you’ve got my HoTs on you. Even when I’m not supposed to.. sometimes. If I can spare the GCDs. And if umm… you’re close enough for them to hit you.

    I like haeling tanks.

  2. “Now here comes a bit of a confession: The reality of the situation is, most the time I don’t have a clue who, let alone what, is keeping me alive.

    No, really, it’s true! I don’t know and I don’t care who’s got my back, so long as my back has been gotten.”

    Aha, but you DO care when something goes wrong, right ? Tsk tsk. That’s not very nice !

    Get to know your healers ! Get that chemistry going !

    • Tigerfeet
    • June 9th, 2009

    I love my healers! I enjoy stacking them in a pile so that they emit that nice heal-ey glow…

  3. I love dodge, it’s awesome!

    I can never figure why the healers don’t like it too. You’d think it’d make their lives more interesting rather than just spamming the same old heal all the time.

    • wintersdark
    • June 10th, 2009

    Heh when i’m tanking, I don’t only not know who is healing me, I rarely pay any attention to it at all (unless there’s a specific reason I need to know for some encounter). Hell, unless an encounter requires me to save cooldowns for certain times/whatever, I rarely even acknowledge that I have HP’s at all and assume that I will be kept alive, and just spam defensive cooldowns asap to lessen healer burden.

  4. Your view seems to be the view of much of the blogging community. Few people care who, only that it is happening.

    We need a national “Healer Appreciation” Day.

    • Tigerfeet
    • June 12th, 2009

    smart – I would absolutely back that! I love my healers, any tank worth their salt will love their healers. The thing is, we don’t care if our healer is a tree, wears plate or mail, or throws bubbles at us. We love them all equally, but believe me, they are loved. 🙂

    • Ekaterin
    • June 23rd, 2009

    I’m the feral druid MT of my guild. I love my healer. I have a dedicated healer – the same guy for every boss and every raid. He’s our guild leader, a holy priest who has recently turned discipline. I’ve been running with him for a year and a half now, in raids and in a pretty exclusive 5-man group, so we know each other very well and have a lot of chemistry. Other people may be healing me (I know they do, especially on tough things like Mimiron Plasma Blast), but as long as I have him, I know I’ll do fine.

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