To Protect, And Serve

Most all American children will have a school class wherein they are assigned the task of discovering the entimology of their name. I was given this assignment multiple times.

My real life name means ‘Defender’, or ‘Champion of the People’, depending which culture it comes from (either Russian or Greek, actually). Some would say that names have power, that either each person will attract a suitable name, or that the name given to a person will somehow affect their development, their temperament.

Either way, I find it curious that in my first MMO experience I played a healer (Guild Wars, Monk) whose charge was healing her party members, and saving them from harm; and now, in WoW, I play a tank, whose job is to take it in the face so the rest of my friends don’t have to.

I worked as an admin on a Role-Playing site (not WoW-related) and we discovered that one of our competitors had pirated our carefully-constructed guides. Now, these guides are based on copyrighted material, and we were offering them for free, but to lift them from our pages verbatim was an affront we would not stomach.

I set out to find ways to protect ourselves from it happening again. Everything was free, this was a fan site and we had no intention to make it a pay service. We’re only having fun, after all. Still, we are writers, and don’t want our writings taken without credit, weather we give them freely or not.

I’d forgotten about this, then I meandered on over to a fellow druid blogger 4 Haelz, and read her post about being scraped. Well now, I thought, that certainly sounds familiar, why hadn’t I thought this could happen to WoW bloggers?

The largest impediment to dealing with this, is finding out that it’s happened at all.

Enter, Copyscape.

Simply input a URL and it will search for other sites that have your words written verbatim. When working as an Admin we found many, when searching for my dear SAC, I only found 2, both of which were legitimate (News-casting sites will often come up because they post excerpts)

So, please, I know I’m not the most-read blog, and that I also eschew the use of twitter, but I’m asking everyone to spread the word about Copyscape. You can’t do anything to fix a wrong unless you know a wrong has been done.

(As for sounding uncharacteristically melodramatic, you can blame Star Trek ToS for that 😛 )

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