Pink Putty-Tats On Parade!

If you didn’t know already, the PTR is up. I’ve copied over two druids and a shaman and I’m going to try to make Fraps vids of each of the new forms. In the mean-time, the Druid forum is exploding with helpful folks throwing up screenshots and there’s already one vid up (though it doesn’t show all the forms and is a little hard to see.

But, lest you accuse me of a liar… Have at!


Personal Thoughts?

Well, I think the ‘big butt’ problem for bears is being made a touch worse, and these forms will take a little getting used to. Regardless though, They’re a definite improvement, and I’m thrilled to be able to look different from the next druid!

I hope you enjoyed this image-spam.

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  1. Yay! They do look excellent.

    The Tauren lions look quite a bit “beefier” than the NE panthers… no pun intended. Just as with the bears, the screenshots show them stockier and more muscular… a huge improvement over the original wyvern-faced aberration that tauren kitties were!

    • Wangari
    • June 24th, 2009

    I like big butts and I can’t deny?

    They look cool. Wanna see them moving, fighting and such, but getting into the PTR is something I won’t do!

    • Tigerfeet
    • June 24th, 2009

    Here’s a video! (not done by me)

  2. Cant access Youtube at work!
    Damn! lol

  3. I’m still working on getting the PTR to play with the NE cat form & such. It looks less… pink in these pictures…

  4. They look so great! I’m gonna copy my druid over as soon as I get home from work and run around Dalaran as a new-and-improved kittycat.

    • Tigerfeet
    • June 24th, 2009

    Lissanna – nah, it’s still very pink. These screenshots are all from night-time and are pretty hard to see. If you want a better look I linked a movie above.

    • Wintersdark
    • June 26th, 2009

    Nice. I love that the Tauren cats are larger, more brutal looking while the night elf cats are sleeker. As a NE Druid, I’m really happy with the new cat, actually, the significantly higher poly count really shows. The bears are definitely an improvement, but they have a bit of an odd shape, will have to see them in motion.

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