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Allright Everybody, Take Five

Unemployed is on hiatus this week. With flagging attendance and some recent burnout victims, we decided to call a halt to raiding for at least one week in order to give everyone a breather and some more vacationing time. Not that most weren’t vacationing already…

I’m personally relieved as I was feeling the burnout pretty bad. Most of my times spent raiding I was wishing I was doing something else, like drawing, or cooking. It’s a very welcome opportunity to step back and take some time for myself without knowing that there’s 20-something other people who can’t have fun because of me.


Faction Champions Can Go Jump In My Litter Box

My frustration with this fight can boil down to one sentence.

Get your PvP out of my PvE.

Last night was a beautiful one-shot of the first two coliseum bosses, even despite my ‘doh moment of taunting the magnataur too soon, amassing five stacks, and then letting the other tank die. (I’m so high-maintenance). The Jaraxxus kill was everything I could have asked for and more. No one died, no one stood in the fire, no one was screaming at me to “Get this Infernal out of my face aaaaan infernals in my face!”

PS – that’s a fight where your lesser-geared (or lesser-skilled) tank can get some time in the limelight as main tank. So long as everything is interrupted/dispelled/purged properly, Jaraxxus hits like a kitten (and not the ferocious face-ripping kind, more like the lolferal pre-BC kind)

But then came the faction champions.

/grind teeth

We spent most of the night cycling through every form of CC we could muster in order to keep one healer locked down while burning the other (we had resto druid, holy priest, enh shaman, mage, rogue, warlock-with fel puppy)

We wiped, and we wiped, and we wiped some more. Granted, I saw some of our raiders rise to multitasking like I’d never thought they could (it was beautiful, really) But we couldn’t kill them.

In fact, we didn’t make any measurable progress until we adopted a more chatoic, blitz style, with myself running interference. (I know nothing about football, so forgive me if my analogies limp)

Everyone was to burn down the priest as fast as possible (He’s the squishiest, he can be interrupted, so we only have to deal with his (and the druid’s) hots instead of dealing with hots from the druid and casts from the priest if we tried to kill the druid first)

So, we’d burn the priest, then we’d bloodlust and kill the druid. Next we’d kill the warlock (thinking this would also rid us of the fel-puppy, no such luck there) and then we’d take out the mage, rogue, and shaman in that order.

MY job, was totem-stomping, and ping-pong.

Wait, whut?

Swipe is very good at taking out totems. Bear swipe that is. When I’m not swiping at totems I’ve got my camera zoomed all the way out and I’m using every taunt I’ve got, as often as I’ve got it, to pull the melee off of our casters.

This worked pretty well. I think tonight, if we go in with two tanks (we had an enhancement shaman tanking on his warrior alt, then had him switch to his shaman for the pvp bit) I think we’ll get this pretty readily. We’re replacing a shadow priest with an elemental shaman so we won’t miss the bloodlust from the enhancements shaman. We’ve still got healing priests to mass-dispell heroism.

We’ll kill these guys tonight, I’ve no doubt of that.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Tiger’s Quote Of The Day

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Thank you LolCats 🙂

I think I’ll go start laughing now.

Fun New Boss Time?

I don’t think so.

Last night, like every Tuesday, Unemployed gathered up to go kick some bad-guy butt.

We went to the Crusader’s Colliseum. We had some lag issues and a couple of disconnects, but after we learned to compensate we took out the Northrend beasts pretty easily.

Then came the fun part, Lord Jarraxus. We had to learn an entirely new fight. The only information we could find was a video in german and a list of abilities. We were almost completely blind.

You know what? It was wonderful.

The entire group banded together to offer suggestions and ideas for how to handle what. Wipe after wipe, morale was high as we inched that much closer to victor until, at last, 15 minutes before the end of raid time, exhultant cheers of joy and excitement rang out over vent as the boss dropped. It was a difficult fight, won through hard work, and everyone was thrilled.

Except for one.

That one would be me.

I can’t tell you what the fight was like, I can’t tell you any stories from our attempts.

I wasn’t there.

Where was I? I was sitting in my chair staring at a login screen as I kept attempting to log back into the game. Without fail I was disconnected at the start of every fight.

It was maddening and frustrating enough to bring me close to tears even.

Last night I tried one last time and finally got back in just as the boss dropped, just enough to see that my guild had persevered and achieved its victory.

Without me.

WoW to me is my only form of entertainment. Living a life where sometimes I don’t even know what will be available for dinner, the paltry $15/month is my one escape.

When I spend an entire evening watching my favorite part of the game pass me by, I start to wonder if it’s worth it at all.

Pipe Dreams

I’m sure most everyone has heard the rampant speculation about the Worgen and Goblin masks that the fine folks over at MMO Champion were able to uncover.

Everyone has their own pet theory. I believe the most popular one being that Alliance will get Worgen and Horde will get Goblins. This makes sense when you try to think of ‘balance’. Long have the horde gnashed their teeth as they attempted to target those squirrely-tiny gnomes. In the same token alliance have glared at the gigantic tauren who, astride their great kodo take up more than their half of the road.

Large Worgen for the Alliance, and small Goblins for the Horde would fix this long-standing issue quite nicely.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I have my own pet theory and, like any other pet theory author, thinks it’s the best. I think it’s good because it’s sound, but I think it’s the best because I really, really really really want it to be true.

My hypothesis prediction hope is that the Worgen and the Goblins will be WoW’s first-ever cross-faction races.

It’s being hypothesized right now that the Worgen will be calling Gilneas their home. (You know, that place south of the Greymane wall that you always banged your head against and swam all around the entire penninsula because you were just burning up with curiosity to know what was in there?) Goblins, it is said, will call some of the central sea’s Islands home. Not nearly as exciting or mysterious as Gilneas, but there you have it.

My proposition is that both areas will be closed to outsiders, except perhaps a dual-faction capitol city for each, similar to Dalaran and Shattrath. In each city Horde and Alliance will have sent envoys to recruit young Worgen and Goblin adventurers. At a certain level (perhaps 10), a young adventurer will be able to sign up for a certain faction, maybe permanently, (though with cross-faction character transfers, probably not).

Of course, those races could be presented as the (rumored) two new heroic classes. I can imagine a race that starts at lvl 55 (65?) and only has one class available to them. Personally, I don’t think that’s likely.

The main thrust of my daydreams and desires for these two new races focuses intently on the possibility of cross-faction races. It’s plausable lore-wise, but…

most of all…

I really, really want it.


In more ways than one.

If you’ve ever had a close pet that found its way into some fleas you’ll have an idea of what I’ve been going through. If you’ve ever had three close pets (who enjoy sleeping on you) get into some fleas and then have those fleas quietly spread throughout the house during the winter, unbeknownst to you, only to wake when balmy weather comes again to turn your once cozy nest into hell on earth…. well, then you’ve got a much closer idea of what I’ve been going through.

The husband has run me out of the house and hustled me over to his (flea-less) in-laws to spend a couple of weeks while he gets everything taken care of.

It’s no wonder I haven’t been posting.

Well, ok, I also did a bunch of housecleaning on the blog too.

Hurrah for me!

There’s also some flap today about a patch or something I dunno…

oh wait, what’s that you say? Whenever I manage to log on tonight (Hydraxis has extended maintenance until 3 pacific, which is 5 my time and will undoubtedly be extended again) you say I’ll no longer look like a malnourished, flea-bitten, fly-catcher-faced, wyvern reject?

Passionate Tiger is passionate.

I’m gonna look good.

I’m gonna look DAYUM good.

Good luck everyone getting up and running.