Pipe Dreams

I’m sure most everyone has heard the rampant speculation about the Worgen and Goblin masks that the fine folks over at MMO Champion were able to uncover.

Everyone has their own pet theory. I believe the most popular one being that Alliance will get Worgen and Horde will get Goblins. This makes sense when you try to think of ‘balance’. Long have the horde gnashed their teeth as they attempted to target those squirrely-tiny gnomes. In the same token alliance have glared at the gigantic tauren who, astride their great kodo take up more than their half of the road.

Large Worgen for the Alliance, and small Goblins for the Horde would fix this long-standing issue quite nicely.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I have my own pet theory and, like any other pet theory author, thinks it’s the best. I think it’s good because it’s sound, but I think it’s the best because I really, really really really want it to be true.

My hypothesis prediction hope is that the Worgen and the Goblins will be WoW’s first-ever cross-faction races.

It’s being hypothesized right now that the Worgen will be calling Gilneas their home. (You know, that place south of the Greymane wall that you always banged your head against and swam all around the entire penninsula because you were just burning up with curiosity to know what was in there?) Goblins, it is said, will call some of the central sea’s Islands home. Not nearly as exciting or mysterious as Gilneas, but there you have it.

My proposition is that both areas will be closed to outsiders, except perhaps a dual-faction capitol city for each, similar to Dalaran and Shattrath. In each city Horde and Alliance will have sent envoys to recruit young Worgen and Goblin adventurers. At a certain level (perhaps 10), a young adventurer will be able to sign up for a certain faction, maybe permanently, (though with cross-faction character transfers, probably not).

Of course, those races could be presented as the (rumored) two new heroic classes. I can imagine a race that starts at lvl 55 (65?) and only has one class available to them. Personally, I don’t think that’s likely.

The main thrust of my daydreams and desires for these two new races focuses intently on the possibility of cross-faction races. It’s plausable lore-wise, but…

most of all…

I really, really want it.

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  1. That would be awesome! I totally support this theory/wish/hope/dream.

  2. This would be indeed awesome.

    But Blizz has already stated that they want a visual identity relating a class to a faction, so you know just by looking at a character if they’re friend or foe.
    However, can you really tell a human and a belf apart when they’re covered in the same gear. Trolls and Nelfs look the same to me from a distance. And really, arent goblins gonna look exactly like a gnome? Or their green skin is gonna have some special glow??
    I think their excuse is bullshit, and I hope they change their mind and make it truly unique for those 2 classes. I’m just afraid of the huge amount of worgens we’re gonna be seeing around.

    Ah, Tiger, I imagine goblins’ hometown will be Undermine – it’s just as interesting as Gilneas imo…

    • Tigerfeet
    • August 11th, 2009

    I don’t know anything about Undermine >_>

    Gilneas, on the other hand, has taunted me for years.

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