Fun New Boss Time?

I don’t think so.

Last night, like every Tuesday, Unemployed gathered up to go kick some bad-guy butt.

We went to the Crusader’s Colliseum. We had some lag issues and a couple of disconnects, but after we learned to compensate we took out the Northrend beasts pretty easily.

Then came the fun part, Lord Jarraxus. We had to learn an entirely new fight. The only information we could find was a video in german and a list of abilities. We were almost completely blind.

You know what? It was wonderful.

The entire group banded together to offer suggestions and ideas for how to handle what. Wipe after wipe, morale was high as we inched that much closer to victor until, at last, 15 minutes before the end of raid time, exhultant cheers of joy and excitement rang out over vent as the boss dropped. It was a difficult fight, won through hard work, and everyone was thrilled.

Except for one.

That one would be me.

I can’t tell you what the fight was like, I can’t tell you any stories from our attempts.

I wasn’t there.

Where was I? I was sitting in my chair staring at a login screen as I kept attempting to log back into the game. Without fail I was disconnected at the start of every fight.

It was maddening and frustrating enough to bring me close to tears even.

Last night I tried one last time and finally got back in just as the boss dropped, just enough to see that my guild had persevered and achieved its victory.

Without me.

WoW to me is my only form of entertainment. Living a life where sometimes I don’t even know what will be available for dinner, the paltry $15/month is my one escape.

When I spend an entire evening watching my favorite part of the game pass me by, I start to wonder if it’s worth it at all.

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  1. There was a time when I couldn’t stay online for boss fights either. I remember Mount Hyjal as my absolute nightmare. Start the event, first wave of adds come in, Wang says bye bye… as soon as the fight was over, I was able to log back in without a single problem…

    It only got better when I moved, not even to a different city though, but the connection is so much more stable at my new place that almost I can’t believe all the trouble I had in the past.

    Hydraxis is on the Seattle servers, and they have been a problem for quite a while. I think even Blizzard stated that they need some work on their hardware there.
    So, connection is a lot more affected by even the smallest problems in the network. A little heavy traffic that wouldn’t be a problem turns into an overloaded hub, that shuts down the system because the packages of data are not traded fast enough.

    There is a post in Elitist Jerks that throws some suggestions on how to attempt to fix it. Some changes on your system configurations… If you havent, I suggest you go read it and try it out.

    But your D/C problems are not so constant, maybe it was a bad Tuesday – maintenance day does tend to fuck everyone with bad lag or whatever. I understand your frustation, but it’s hopefully not gonna be a permanent problem. It hasnt been before.

    Hang in there!

  2. Of course it’s worth it, Tiger! You missed one boss fight, and it sucks, but there will be more. (Thirty-one more in Icecrown alone, if Ghostcrawler is to be believed.)

    I’m not trying to trivialize how you feel. I’m the absolute last person to do that: I cried for two weeks when my guild started Naxx without me.

    … but, eventually, Naxx became “just Naxx,” and being left out of those first few kills didn’t sting quite so much (or at all).

    We did Lord Jarraxus last night, too. He was a two-shot — and that was with five healers (when Matticus was recommending 6 or 7) and no more foresight than that same German video. It wasn’t the glorious sandbox we were hoping it would be; on the contrary, it was all rather anticlimactic. 😦

    If Unemployed’s experience was anything like Surreality’s, you probably didn’t miss as much a you think you did.

    On a more practical note: Do you run DBM? If so, have you tried updating or disabling it? Three of us have had intermittent problems with disconnects since the patch, and we traced it back to DBM bugging out in certain raid zones.

    Right after the 3.2, if I tried to zone into the Colesium with DBM enabled, I would immediately disconnect to the log-in screen. Once I shut DBM off, no problems. Our paladin had a similar issue in Ulduar and, just last night, our Death Knight officer found himself in the same exact position you were — including logging on just as we were finishing off Jaxx.

    Someone in /guild mentioned that it was a cache issue (rather than an add-on issue), and clearing the cache took care of it. A LOT of us had problems logging on last night, so there was a lot of cache-clearing and add-on disabling going on, but only the DK couldn’t make it online before the raid.

    Like Wang said, hang in there! I’m sure it was a one-off situation, and there will be a new boss to pwn next week and lots of hardmode tribute wiping to look forward to in the future.

  3. /hug for Tiger. Lately there have been a lot of playability problems (instance cannot be launched, DC fests unrelated to the ISP, etc), maybe it was just your night. Hopefully it’ll fix itself.

    Things like this though are the reason I’m excited about getting into another MMO (Aion for me). It’s not that I want to *replace* WoW or like even see them battle for people… I just want to have a choice. So when Blizz is pissin’ me off by sandbaggin’ a patch or just not working that night (everyone has off nights, even electronics I guess)… then I have another option to get my gaming fix. And you could always go with a free game if you don’t want to feel “guilted” by the money.

    Just a thought, so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket and making yourself unhappy.

    • Keltar
    • August 17th, 2009

    hold on tiger! That is happening to alot of people this patch, it seems like the game fixates in DCing one toon and that toon cant log on you can even go into your other toons but the one you raid on, no.:(
    Just let it pass and you can come back next week to kick his demonic behind

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