Faction Champions Can Go Jump In My Litter Box

My frustration with this fight can boil down to one sentence.

Get your PvP out of my PvE.

Last night was a beautiful one-shot of the first two coliseum bosses, even despite my ‘doh moment of taunting the magnataur too soon, amassing five stacks, and then letting the other tank die. (I’m so high-maintenance). The Jaraxxus kill was everything I could have asked for and more. No one died, no one stood in the fire, no one was screaming at me to “Get this Infernal out of my face aaaaan infernals in my face!”

PS – that’s a fight where your lesser-geared (or lesser-skilled) tank can get some time in the limelight as main tank. So long as everything is interrupted/dispelled/purged properly, Jaraxxus hits like a kitten (and not the ferocious face-ripping kind, more like the lolferal pre-BC kind)

But then came the faction champions.

/grind teeth

We spent most of the night cycling through every form of CC we could muster in order to keep one healer locked down while burning the other (we had resto druid, holy priest, enh shaman, mage, rogue, warlock-with fel puppy)

We wiped, and we wiped, and we wiped some more. Granted, I saw some of our raiders rise to multitasking like I’d never thought they could (it was beautiful, really) But we couldn’t kill them.

In fact, we didn’t make any measurable progress until we adopted a more chatoic, blitz style, with myself running interference. (I know nothing about football, so forgive me if my analogies limp)

Everyone was to burn down the priest as fast as possible (He’s the squishiest, he can be interrupted, so we only have to deal with his (and the druid’s) hots instead of dealing with hots from the druid and casts from the priest if we tried to kill the druid first)

So, we’d burn the priest, then we’d bloodlust and kill the druid. Next we’d kill the warlock (thinking this would also rid us of the fel-puppy, no such luck there) and then we’d take out the mage, rogue, and shaman in that order.

MY job, was totem-stomping, and ping-pong.

Wait, whut?

Swipe is very good at taking out totems. Bear swipe that is. When I’m not swiping at totems I’ve got my camera zoomed all the way out and I’m using every taunt I’ve got, as often as I’ve got it, to pull the melee off of our casters.

This worked pretty well. I think tonight, if we go in with two tanks (we had an enhancement shaman tanking on his warrior alt, then had him switch to his shaman for the pvp bit) I think we’ll get this pretty readily. We’re replacing a shadow priest with an elemental shaman so we won’t miss the bloodlust from the enhancements shaman. We’ve still got healing priests to mass-dispell heroism.

We’ll kill these guys tonight, I’ve no doubt of that.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, but I found it to be the most dynamic, exciting fight of Wrath so far. It really tested communication, ingenuity and adaptability, as well as spatial awareness. The number one answer to my guild’s application question of the most valued trait in a raider is of awareness and adaptability (two traits I know, but whatevs), and that really got put to the test.

    We downed them on the third try in 25 man, and everyone seemed to be having a blast. It was so dynamic and exhilarating, I’m glad they put it in. It’s a true test of skill, whereas the week before we one-shot Jeraxxus.

    • Tigerfeet
    • August 19th, 2009

    A good number of our other raiders liked it, but I just found it maddening.

    The 25-man version scares me a bit, but I doubt I’ll get to see that version any time soon (we’re scraping to even field 2 10-mans)

  2. I’ve had dental work that was more fun that this encounter. Surprisingly (from my perspective, as a determinedly non-PvP Spriest who far prefers a well-choreographed raid boss) a number of others in the raid quite enjoyed it. They did manage to down them eventually (with me dead on the floor for most of the attempt), but next week I’m sitting out for that encounter (whether they want me to or not).

  3. I’m not sure about this fight.

    It seemed like the DPS was having a lot of fun. Energy was high and the entire raid was engaged in discussing positioning, strategy, etc. In that respect, I liked it a lot. We went in blind, spent the first few attempts evaluating our foes (“Is that a resto shaman?” “Um, I just got a double- crit Windfury to the face. I don’t think so.”), and eventually worked out a kill order and organized CC teams to keep the healers and AoE’rs locked down.

    But personally, as a healer … this fight felt no different from Yogg-Saron. Decurse, Decurse, Decurse. Heal, heal, heal. Run out of the bad. Reposition totems. Decurse some more.


    On a side note, our feral druid was able to lock down the warrior on his own. He played it like a TBC resto with a roots/cyclone/kite chain. Our other tanks and plate DPS did the taunt-off-the-squishies thing, while pets were on totem stomping duty. I was shocked by how effective druid CC was in this fight; it’s not something I usually consider when I think of the class.

  4. WTB PVP skills 😦

    I havent done any PVP since Wrath came out, so I´m completely terrible at it right now. Felt better playing Wang for sure, then lolprot – but I can help with the taunting tonight np.

    And yeah, the noob in (some) blues here can tank Jaraxus, and even shield bash all of his fireballs if needed – his CD seems to be the same as mine.

    Let’s get them tonight!

    • Pugnacious Priest
    • August 19th, 2009

    It was chaotic! and fun- But not sure our sucess in the end was due to just blind luck – I died when there were 4 left to kill, but we killed the tree first because our healers determined that it had been the most powerful healer in our other attemps, as a NE Shadow Priest I had a couple of get out agro abilities or what I lilke to call my Oh crap buttons. Fade, Meld, Disperse, fear, which seem to help me survive, alot longer then some of the others, who had to be rezz’d twice ( and died a 3rd time)

  5. PvP is by definition, Player vs. *Player*. The faction champions are NPCs, hence, this is not a PvP encounter. Yes, there is no agro table. This is not new – remember MgT 3rd boss? If you want, call it “a non-agro PvE encounter” 🙂

    My guild managed the 25man version after we switched to killing the Warlock second (after the DK). His DPS was just killing us. Healers meanwhile are locked down, Don’t know if that will help you any.

    • restorationdruid
    • August 27th, 2009

    LoL, I’m sorry you seemed so frustrated with this encounter! From a tree-healer perspective I really liked it. I got to run around in circles HOTting everyone… AND I actually got to use nature’s grasp!

  6. I have always enjoyed PvP and not so much PvE… I wonder if I would like this Raid?

    • Gollie
    • November 15th, 2009

    What I found working in our raids is simply having me (Bear tank usually) CC one of the melee mobs, usually the warrior. Cyclone /Root / Charge / Bash and so on.

    What I’m also doing while waiting for my cyclone to run out on my warrior is simply spamming Cyclone on any mob around me there is to find, this has proven to drop a lot of the pressure on the raid.

    Cyclone-spam is the way to go!

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