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A Vision of Things to Come

If you read via a feed-reader, I invite you to come view the blog today. A new template and some additional tongue-in-cheek SAC humor has revived my interest for the title “Secret Agent Cat”. My husband has grown tired of my waffling (to keep the name or to not keep the name) and insisted that, since in my next incarnation I will still be playing as some sort of feline, I should keep the SAC moniker and leave him alone about it.

I re-worked the site, archived all the old WoW stuff (though I hope it’s still readily available), and am now prepared for my brave new future.

What brave new future? Well, I’ll let the professionals over at Arenanet say it for me (prepare for gratuitous eye candy)

Pssst… I’m gonna be a Charr…

With the thunder of anvils and the clash of steel I’ll rip each day from life’s teeth!


If you want to see me digitally, feel free to contact me on my more boring (human) avatar, Morgan Ascot (through Guild Wars 1). I’ve also updated the About page with contact info. (I don’t twitter, I EAT twitters… om-nom-nom)


My, I HAVE Been A Bad Girl…

Oh WOE to my poor neglected blog. Anybody still reading? *tap tap tap* is this thing on?

No matter. If you are still reading (or waiting to read in my case) you have my everlasting, undying gratitude. Seriously, I love you. I could cry, but I won’t.

I feel as if I owe a bit of an explanation. So gather ’round cubs and calves, and let old lady Tigerfeet tell you a story.

Way back before the snow fell and the roads froze, before the harvest was in and before the Lich King opened his doors, the raid leader for Unemployed decided he’d had enough.

Now Tigerfeet, distressed at seeing her beloved guild without a hand at the helm, put forth her own name for leadership. In short, she got what she asked for and more. To tell it today, it is said she was a kind leader, softer and more positive than the previous one. Inside, however, the stress ate at her. She found herself snapping and snarling, in short, turning quite feral and not enjoying it one bit.

It’s one thing to wear the pelt of ferocity in the heat of battle, it’s another to find it sticking to you after you lay your weapons down.

And she did. She finally laid her weapons down, her heart heavy, and guilty about abandoning her friends. She was splintering, however, and there were more important things in the world.

And so the Druid, after laying down the mantle of leadership soon became weary of the world. She journeyed to the Moonglade where she met with the Druidic elders. She consulted the great bear spirit who had lent her the strength to be a wall for her friends. The elders and the spirits were kind and understanding. They led her to a grove off a small field and there erected for her a bower. She laid her weary bones on a bed of sweet hay and drifted off to sleep, granted the honor to forever wander in the Emerald Dream.


In short, raid leading killed me. It tore me apart and at the end I wasn’t having fun anymore. Not even when I stepped back could I find my previous love for the game that I’d had.

I might have returned in time, except that my computer broke. My laptop motherboard is defective and is no longer under warranty. I’m currently saving up to buy a new desktop machine (I’ll build it myself), but I won’t have it until late summer at the earliest.

And so, my days of WoW are over. The game is changing and evolving. These things happen because it’s a living thing. The fact that it’s a game I no longer wish to play doesn’t reflect poorly on the makers, it just shows that I’m stubborn and set in my ways.

I had a wonderful time blogging and playing and the community was amazing. That’s what I’m going to miss the most. Because of that, I don’t think I’ll completely give up blogging. I’m not certain if I’ll use this blog (and name) or create a new one. I already know the subject, all that’s left wanting is a computer and the game. Watch this space when the leaves begin to turn again.

Tigerfeet will be back. For now, here’s a preview of the subject matter: