A Vision of Things to Come

If you read via a feed-reader, I invite you to come view the blog today. A new template and some additional tongue-in-cheek SAC humor has revived my interest for the title “Secret Agent Cat”. My husband has grown tired of my waffling (to keep the name or to not keep the name) and insisted that, since in my next incarnation I will still be playing as some sort of feline, I should keep the SAC moniker and leave him alone about it.

I re-worked the site, archived all the old WoW stuff (though I hope it’s still readily available), and am now prepared for my brave new future.

What brave new future? Well, I’ll let the professionals over at Arenanet say it for me (prepare for gratuitous eye candy)

Pssst… I’m gonna be a Charr…

With the thunder of anvils and the clash of steel I’ll rip each day from life’s teeth!


If you want to see me digitally, feel free to contact me on my more boring (human) avatar, Morgan Ascot (through Guild Wars 1). I’ve also updated the About page with contact info. (I don’t twitter, I EAT twitters… om-nom-nom)

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