Now Don’t Get Your Tail in a Twist

First off: Arenanet? You are such a tease. But you probably already knew that, and that’s ok.

Secondly, a new article came out about the skill system and weapons. The article advertised some racial info but I found the article to be pretty anemic on that front. That’s ok too, there’s plenty else to chew on there and patient Tiger is patient.

I’m seeing some baaaawing about it on facebook (I should really find a forum to haunt) as well as some misunderstandings. I’ll go ahead and distill the information into short, concise points. I’ll put my personal speculation in parenthesies.

Weapons – Split into three categories:

  • One-Handed: Axe, dagger, mace, pistol, scepter, and sword.
  • Two-Handed: Greatsword, hammer, longbow, rifle, shortbow, and staff.
  • Offhand Only: Focus, shield, torch, and warhorn.

Notes – Some professions can wield One-Handed weapons in their offhand. (This implies such exciting combos as dual daggers, sword/pistol, etc).

Weapon Skills – Yesterday we learned there will be 10 skills, 5 of which will be determined by what you’ve currently got your grubby little mitts around at the time. Further reading in this article reveals that:

  • 3 skills will come from your main-hand weapon.
  • 2 skills will come from your off-hand weapon.
  • Different skills will be supplied when you pick up random bits of detritus.

Environment – Many, MANY things can be interacted with. It also sounds like environmental objects can be manipulated to create new objects.


Breaking a barstool over the head of a rowdy bar patron can yield a chair leg that can be used to great effect as a club.

Professions – I was right about the number of professions. Excuse me for a moment while I pat myself on the back….

There, now on to the highlights:

Professions are split into 3 groups based on armor class:

  • Scholar: Wears light armor, 3 professions fall into this category. (Elementalist is likely among them. This could also include Necromancer, Monk, Mesmer, Ritualist, and possibly the Dervish from the original.)
  • Adventurer: Wears medium armor, 3 professions fall into this category. (Ranger, Assassin, and possibly the Dervish could fit into this category from the original.)
  • Soldier: Wears heavy armor, 2 professions fall into this category. (Warrior and Paragon could fit into this category from the original.)
  • (I doubt all these professions will be in GW2. They did mention that there would be some new classes mixed in with the old. I for one have got my fingers crossed for the Assassin and Mesmer to make the cut.)

Secondary Professions, sadly, will not be included in Guild Wars 2. This isn’t something that makes me raving mad or makes me want to cry, but it does sadden me a bit. I was never one to make heavy use of secondary professions, but I did think it was a neat mechanic that set Guild Wars apart.

Instead of having secondary professions, however, it appears that there will be some heavy synergy between the 8 single professions.


the Elementalist might drop a Wall of Fire in front of a group of enemies. The warrior could enter the firewall and use Cyclone Axe, an attack which causes him to spin rapidly, sending the firewall outward and hitting his foes.

Races – It sounds like the second 5 skills are available for racial skills. (What isn’t said, however, is if these slots are only for racial skills or if you can choose between racial and profession skills for these slots. My guess is that the latter will be true.)

Elite – Aaaah the elite skill. I have many a memory of adventuring way out in the back of beyond with my husband (and any hapless friend I dragged along) in order to hunt out a certain boss to capture an elite skill. In GW2 it’s said that we will have an elite racial skill. I don’t know if our available elites will only be racial, but I for one hope not. There’s also no word on how skills will be obtained. This bears watching.

I hope I can get a new computer soon. I’m already tired of distilling someone else’s news. I don’t suppose anyone knows if an AMD Athalon II X2 3.0Ghz processor is appreciably different from an AMD Phenom II X2 3.1Ghz processor? I’m not going to quibble over .1Ghz. Here’s a link to the comparison. (Psst, I’ll be springing for the Asus Crossfire III motherboard, all other components I’m willing to take second-best so long as it’ll let me run Maya, Photoshop, Firefox, and Winamp all at the same time)

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    • San Darkwood
    • May 4th, 2010

    a few points, firstly, I don’t think dervish or paragon (as we know them) will be professions in GW2, as we are missing the scythe and spear from the list. Also, thinking more about dervish makes me feel that there isn’t even going to be something similar, as the dervish is a profession that gets it’s power from praying to the different gods. And the only race that really adhere the gods like that are the humans, meaning it would have to be a class only accessible to humans.

    Second, it was mentioned that there will be both racial and profession elite skills when they announced the combat system. They gave an example of an elementalist and a warrior elite skill: “Elite skills are designed to be infrequently-used, ultra-powerful skills that have a dramatic impact on the game. An Elementalist can call upon the power of the wind to shapeshift into a tornado that knocks enemies around and inflicts heavy damage, while a warrior might choose to harness the power of Destruction, to make all of his blows inflict area-of-effect damage.”

      • Tigerfeet
      • May 4th, 2010

      You’re absolutely right about the elites. I can’t remember if, at the time I wrote this article those skills had been mentioned or I just hadn’t read about them yet (I suspect the latter).

      I agree with you too about the Dervish and Paragon. I always had trouble explaining to non-GW players what exactly they did, and Arenanet has said very explicitly that they want each class to be very unique and defined. I included them in my armor class speculations simply as an effort to get my head around what type of class might fall into each category.

      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂

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