To Take A Road Less Traveled

It’s a curious experience to be able to look ahead and see all the possibilities that lay before you.

Most of the time I feel like I muddle through my life in a fog, living day to day and  simply hoping and praying for the best. I grew up learning to plan. Once I was out on my own I learned that plans very rarely go the way they are supposed to. So I learned to make back-up plans, and back-ups of those. Now it’s not uncommon to have three or four plans waiting behind the first.

It’s been a hard road.

Right now, though, in relation to this blog, I can see it all.

In my previous blogging life I might not have been terribly popular, but I did pay attention, and I am a quick study. The Guild Wars (2) blogging community is in its infancy, and laying dormant. There’s a mere handful of us waiting with baited breath for every scrap of news from ArenaNet, eager to squak like magpies about it whenever we can.

What we’re doing right now is busy-work. We know we’ll be blogging about Guild Wars 2, but for now there’s not much to talk about. I suppose this is what a fetus might feel like were it as self-aware as myself and possessing similar knowledge and experience.

We are incubating. We are also racehorses in the stocks, and I can see the road ahead.

It is broad and twisting, rich with byways that lead to green and lush pastures, flush with sunshine. I can see so many possibilities for a community and future to come, the diversity and richness limited only by how popular Guild Wars 2 will become.

I have the gift here of a breather. I am sitting back, enjoying Guild Wars 1, anticipating Guild Wars 2, and imagining all the possibilities ahead.

Will I become a theorycrafter? In the spirit of Phae and BRK will I become an indespensible resource for my chosen profession? Will I focus on community building and guild planning? Will I feature videos, continue with my artwork features? Will I degenerate into nothing more than ‘a day in the life of Tiger’ blog?

I don’t know, but the possibilities are endless, and I can see them all.

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  1. hey what’s wrong with a little ‘day in the life’ I love those blogs. more interesting than reading some boring interview/gameplay analysis blog.

      • Tigerfeet
      • May 13th, 2010

      Which is why I’m grateful for this lul. After I wrote this I listened to the song that inspired my name (Tigerfeet, by Mud) and remembered the spirit with which I first started this blog. I realized that my ‘day in the life’ posts were something a lot of people enjoyed. Plus they were fun to write 🙂

  2. I don’t stress over blog content. Right from the start I described my blog as a silly waste of time. Some find it interesting but I’m not fussed whether they subscribe or not.
    I like posting whatever I feel like: screenshot or artwork or opinion/rant. It’s the same as you guys, and it’s good.
    Oh and… Are we the only 3 active GW bloggers? Seriously lol.

      • Tigerfeet
      • May 17th, 2010

      Well, I’ve got 6 on my blogroll, but I think I might be stretching it with a couple and one hasn’t uttered a peep since the Elementalist was revealed so… yeah, I think so!

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