The Patience of a Saint

ArenaNet’s Community Managers haz it.

I read the following fan comment yesterday:

would you at Anet please reconsider to realese the proffesions a wiiee bit faster than like 1 à month? Becuase frankly, I (cant speak of others, but prob some people are with me) really just gets frustrated by checking the HomePage 24/7, not knowing when the NeXT realise Will come. And many people, like me, really need some time to reconsider wich proff to play first, and would like to be able to know the proffs avilable, otherwise our hype just gets low. I don’t want another waiting game… I was really hyped 2 weeks ago, but this wait for proffesions is just getting boring imo.

By the time we will see the last one, ele is going to be just “meh” for all the time we have just seen her, and no1 else.

So my questing is, why are you waiting so long before realesing more? Would
be grateful for answer…

Why i’m being all QQ and asking all this: My fan/hype flame is getting destroyed by all this waiting, and a post from you answering this might light it up again

I see that and my first reaction is to cringe at the grammar. However, Guild Wars has a very vibrant (and surprisingly diverse) international community. It’s likely, VERY likely, that English is not this person’s first language. So I look past that.

My second knee-jerk reaction, however, (putting myself in ArenaNet’s shoes) is indignation. “Who are YOU to demand that we (the game company I have nothing to do with) cater to your imagined need for a high level of hype?”

Obviously, it’s a VERY good thing I don’t have to talk to customers, or deal with a community. I skimmed past this, assuming it wouldn’t be worth ArenaNet’s time.

But then Regina Buenaobra replied. She replied thoughtfully, and gracefully. She took the time to outline some of their constraints and reasons for keeping things so close to the chest.

For various reasons, we aren’t going to let you in on our schedule for new information releases, beyond what we’ve already told you: more info to come in the following months.

I am sorry that you and some others don’t agree with our release schedule, and I know that waiting sucks. I understand how you feel. There are a couple games I’m looking forward to, which I’ve been following for several years now, and which I haven’t heard any new information about. All I can say is that it’s great that you’re excited about what we’ve released so far. Truly, it’s been amazing to see the reactions from gamers.

However, there are a lot of key demands and factors that we need to keep in mind when we release information, such as (but not limited to): how far along in development a feature is, what is happening in the videogame media right now in terms of our competitors’ news releases, whether there are any events we’re attending in the near future and how information releases tie in with that, whether there are things happening in the original Guild Wars that need to be considered, and yes, fan expectations… But keep in mind that there are also a lot of inter-linked considerations we need to think of when we release info.

I would like to suggest that you add the Guild Wars 2 website and the ArenaNet blog to your RSS feed reader. This way you don’t have to constantly check the website or blog, and you will get immediate notification when the website gets updated with new information.

Replies like this from a developer always leave me pleasantly surprised, not to mention humbled and ashamed at my own internal reply to what was, essentially, and honest and polite question.

I am, at heart, a cantankerous old woman.

Keep up the good work ArenaNet. You’ve made some tall promises about gameplay and the experience we should expect to see in Guild Wars 2. If anybody can deliver on those promises, I hold out faith that it’ll be you.

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  1. I don’t know, I don’t think that question wasn’t even honest. Was their sense of hype really being destroyed? I doubt it.

    How CM’s put up with completely negative commenters or misinformed neanderthals is beyond me.

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