I Do Not Believe In Your Outlandish Theories

Neither do I believe in the ‘Gunner’ class.

I am also randomly belligerent and occasionally make incendiary comments. Like that one.

What I think – bearing in mind that I am only one little me who, while queen of this blog, is by no means omniscient – is that the ranger class will use guns as well as bows.

It seems silly to me that you’ll have one ranged attack class that specializes in bows and pets and another that specializes in guns and something else. Unless it’s some kind of mesmer pirate hybrid…

actually that would be pretty cool.

But I still don’t believe in a gunner.

And here’s why:

It’s a ranger. ‘Cause I said so.

My wacom skillz, they have atrophied.

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  1. agreed! outlandish theories are ridiculous! there is a lot of art that has guns in it though so i can see where they’d get the idea. just doesn’t make much sense when you think about rangers.

    same goes for just about any other ridiculous class people come up with on their own. geomancer, engineer, chronomancer (which anet has said will never appear in any form) or other classes.

    mesmer pirate hybrid, pirate hybrid anything, would be awesome though

    • Silvanus
    • June 28th, 2010

    Just out of curiousity……. Why did you draw a tauren there? >_>

      • Tigerfeet
      • June 28th, 2010

      I certainly hope you’re joking.

  2. I would agree with you that there isn’t a “gunner” class, per se, but there may be one in there somewhere that can wield a gun (amongst other weapons) and not a bow, perhaps even having some nice unique skills with it (different from that of a ranger). There is no way they wouldn’t give the ranger a gun and a bow, but other classes could be restricted (like having a rifle, pistol, knife, sword, and maybe a torch available to make weapon sets out of).

      • Tigerfeet
      • June 29th, 2010

      That I agree with. Most of the speculation I’ve been reading is obsessed with there being a ‘Ranger’ who wields bows and a ‘Gunner’ who wields guns, which I think is silly.

      I’m really hoping that the rifle, pistol, knife, sword class you’re dreaming of turns out to be a new mesmer 🙂

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