Word of the Day: Charr Edition

sco·ri·a [skawr-ee-uh]

–noun, plural sco·ri·ae [skawr-ee-ee]

1. Metallurgy . the refuse, dross, or slag left after melting or smelting metal; scum.

2. Geology . a cinderlike basic cellular lava.

The charr call the Flame legion the Gold legion. Gold is a soft metal, useful for electrical conductors and jewelry. It’s not likely that technology has progressed to a point where the charr would want to be soldering wires so gold is seen as weak and uselessly flashy. It’s an insult.

It seems to me that for a charr to call someone (or something) scoria would be an even greater insult. To call someone scoria is to say they are nothing but waste, a byproduct, not even worthy to be forged into a useless trinket. Pot metal.

Perhaps the Gold Legion are not called scoriae because at the end of the day, they are still charr. Misguided, but still charr.

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  1. You’re obsessed with charr, nox is obsessed with mesmers…. should I bet obsessed with something?

    If Charr call humans mice, I suggest they’ll call other charr pussy cats. or some derivation of pussy cats.

      • Tigerfeet
      • June 29th, 2010

      You know, I was just thinking how funny it is that we have our own little obsessions. Maybe it’s just a certain character trait. For me it’s either the charr or more garden pictures!

      The idea of charr calling each other pussy-cat makes me think of the african-american derogatory term used in that group and gay men calling themselves ‘girl’ and ‘she’ (though they aren’t transgender). Somehow I find it amusing 🙂

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