A Foe By Any Other Name…

…would still want to bash your head in?

When the warrior was revealed there was a brief scramble to identify not only what the exact skills used were, but what enemies they were being used on.

It was quckly established that this was an ogre:


The grawl are pretty obvious. We’re well familiar with them from Old Ascalon, and it’s not too difficult to recognize a drake (or some sort of skale) in the Shield video.

But what under Dwayna’s light is this thing?

At first glance I’m inclined to say it’s a Troll, and that’s what I have been saying for weeks.

That was, however, until I ran into this fine fellow today whilst wandering around some unwolesome terrain among a bunch of unsavory characters.

This guy is a Nomad Giant and upon seeing him I immediately thought of our eviscerated troll.

Ignoring the fact that in Guild Wars 2 Elona is cut off from the rest of Tyria, what do you think? Am I on to something here?

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    • Solomyr (Saw-Low-Mirror)
    • July 3rd, 2010

    Heya, I just wanted to say that personally, I thought it was a Grawl Shaman. I based this theory on the tribal mask it wears, as the shamans had in Guild Wars 1. I don’t know though; its just a guess.

  1. yeah I quibbled over what exactly it was myself, but since everyone was saying troll, pretty much settled on troll. plus when I looked at the fen troll, they have big tusks too. but yeah the nomad does look a lot closer.

  2. I’d have to agree that its some form of Giant derivative of the nomad you had seen. The rise of the dragons have done a lot as far as changing the way some animals look and behave, and wouldn’t be surprised if one of their uprisings forced these nomads to travel north into Char and Human lands.

    The only thing that seems out of place would be what looks like the hair, as its almost armored. Trolls on the other hand, from what I remember in Profecies, had really flat and long faces with no necks. Although covered by the strange hair looking parts, it does appear that they have necks though…

      • Tigerfeet
      • July 12th, 2010

      When I ran into the nomads it was their tusks and armor-like hair that really made me do a double-take. My comparison breaks down when I compare the legs though. The GW2 monster has digitigrade legs while the nomads are most definitely plantigrade.

      • I can see that as well, but the question I’d like answered is how much evolution or changes can occur over a span of 250 years and a number of Dragon Uprisings?

        The change in joints of the legs is simply an extension of the bones in the feet if I’m not mistaken.

        All curious to find out the answers though. All we can do now is wait, and speculate!

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