Hide Your Ectos And Lock Up Your Minipets

Tigerfeet’s on a rampage.

It seems that I’m going to have a reputation as being the amazing dancing monk that doesn’t appear to do anything and yet somehow makes everybody’s lives easier.

I can live with that!

Coehl has made the monumental mistake wise decision to have me on his podcast, Relics of Orr, as a guest. I’ll try not to get muddy tiger tracks all over the floor guys.

If my experiences with the Orr-peeps is any indication I expect there to be much fun had by all and maybe I’ll be able to display my huge tracks of land vast amount of Guild Wars 2 knowledge. I always get my knickers in a twist listening to podcasts because I want to talk back and say ‘no you didn’t quite get it right!’. Now I’ll be able to do just that, and make a monumental ass of myself in the process.

Tally Ho!

Do not adjust your monitor~

I’ve bought a domain! The old address, secretagentcat.wordpress.com, should still work just fine, but now, for your super uber convenience, you can now reach me by using simply secretagentcat.com! There was an animator parked there (and not a very good one I might add) for the first year of my blogging life.

I find it a good omen that the squatter is gone just when I rally and return to the fray. My blog was never actually defeated, though WoW burnout did effectively leave it downed.

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    • July 9th, 2010
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      • July 9th, 2010


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