Who Is That Man Behind The Mask

Sylvari, or multiple body types?

A Case for sylvari:

Male sylvari are on the slim side. Some might be tempted to call them twigs (snicker).

All joking aside, we haven’t seen many sylvari apart from Caithe and those shown briefly in the Races of Tyria video. I’m of the opinion that the races are still being worked on. This would explain the fact that there are only humans demonstrating elementalist skills while the warrior features the charr as well.

If the man behind the mask above is indeed a sylvari we could speculate that the next class reveal will feature skill demonstrations from them as well.

A Case for body types:

The skin we can see behind the mask is definitely pink. While we have seen some pale and human-like sylvari (Caithe), the majority that we’ve seen have very particular skintones. The male in the picture above, in fact, has a handsome bark texture along his midriff and his face is most definitely not pink.

It could be said that the skintone is that of a morning-born (bloomed?), or springtime sylvari, but the heavier brows and horizontal eyes speak more towards human than the fey plant folk.

It’s also been confirmed by Eric Flannum that players will have certain options for character customization such as “body type, height, and advanced facial customization”

When I first looked at the first image I thought it was a woman. 1) because that helm was worn by a norn woman in various concept art and 2) because the figure is so slight. My first thought was to label him as a sylvari, but after looking carefully and thinking about it I have to say that I think we see here an example of multiple body types.

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  1. I’m not going to speculate on body types, but you’ve got some good thoughts there.

    I will say that although I agree they’re probably still working on the races, I think maybe they’re holding back a bit because they want to roll out some form of feature on each race just like they’re doing with the professions, adding to the number of things they can put out for marketing purposes.

  2. Well, if THIS is a woman, she should really think about plucking her eyebrows oO

    Also I don’t think that Sylvari have this… bold or manly facial features…

    So I’m thinking the same way: There will be multiple body types, which is a wonderful feature. I would never make a male Warrior or Monk in GW I because of their … ah luxurious body 😀

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