Like A First Love – So Are You Keeping Busy?

The Ranger was my first love. I’ve mentioned this story before. I suspect that the only reason my ranger remains, to this day, languishing in Yak’s Bend at level 9 is because it’s so cursed hard to level with a pet.

Or I’m just not a very good ranger, that’s certainly a possibility.

Either way, I stepped away from oneness with nature and arrow-slinging and, on the whole, I haven’t looked back. My dervish with a flamingo named Floyd is the exception. I believe part of my original problem with the ranger was the lack of an emphasis on a pet. I played during the days when you needed Charm Animal on your bar to bring your pet  as well as Comfort Animal along with whatever attack skills you wanted to bring. It was easy to end up as a remote fighter, only being effective through your pet, and that was obnoxious.

I had no patience for it, and I wasn’t interested in a ranger without a pet.

So perhaps my confusion at some of the lukewarm responses is natural. I wanted the pet from the very beginning.

I don’t, however, really think that the ranger is for me. The playstyle of the warrior appeals far more, but I don’t like my avatar wearing heavy armor. I’m very excited for the ranger. I think it’s got a lot to offer people who it appeals to. It’s like being excited when an ex with whom you’re still on good terms finally finds happiness. I’m happy for you. We weren’t right for each other but I still want you to be happy.

If push came to shove and the game released the way it is right this instant I believe I could (and would) play the ranger and have fun, but as we have five more classes to see I’m not too worried. I have no doubt that one of them will sing for me.

As for the rest of it, it’s all the little things that get me all excited.

Tiger stripes are absolutely confirmed for female charr! (I’m going to be egocentric here and say they put her in there just for me)

And the Moas, oh sweet mother’s milk in a cup the MOAS! Colin, hats off to you sir. Your breeding operation is top-notch.

Turning this:

Into this:

Takes some mad skills.

Do they come in pink?


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  1. I have to agree, the sheer basic functionality of pets in GW was pretty horrible at first. It got slightly better but I was never really impressed with it.

    I’ve made my feelings about gw2s ranger pretty clear, I don’t think they’ve improved it enough. That’s me though, to each his own.

    People seem to love the new moa but to me its gone from ugly to fugly.

    • Ven
    • July 18th, 2010

    I actually didn’t level with a pet, if you have barrage or burning arrow unlocked I just get that with a tome and you’re good to go. They’re awesome in low levels.

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