Map This

Old/New Tyria overlay map.

I did it first. So there.

Grumpy Tiger is grumpy.

Trolling is bad, that’s why I have a blog to whine about forum stuff.

Also party tonight, don’t forget.

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  1. i did a obey vs dismantle summary which was up for two days before somebody copied the idea into its own thread on gw2guru. these things happen.

    • Matt
    • July 16th, 2010

    Nice work I have always loved the hand drawn maps in fantasy novels and old world maps etc. I am hoping the world map in GW2 will have a hand drawn appearance instead of how it is in GW1, complete with sea serpents in the water and phrases like “here be dragons”. Dont get me wrong the GW1 map is pretty good, very detailed and no doubt took a lot of work to create. But I just like the old world look better.
    While you are at it Anet get rid of the fog of war it has no purpose in an MMO other than serving as a guide for map clearing titles. If that is justification for having it then atleast make it a toggleable overlay. From a lore perspective it makes absolutely no sense, our characters are Tyrian born and Tyria has been populated for a long time now I think people would know what is five miles down the road. End rant.

      • Tigerfeet
      • July 17th, 2010

      I actually agree with you, I really like the hand-drawn maps as well. I enjoyed the map in Warhammer Online that was like that, and especially how it would hilight an area that had to do with the quest you were on like someone had drawn on it.

      I like the fog as a demarkation of where I’ve been, but combining the fog and a hand-drawn map could lead to something like: Everyone has a map like the one above, pretty featureless with cities and large landmarks drawn in, but then as you explore it colors in (pencil-style) and becomes more detailed. Almost like your character has a generic map in his or her pocket and she’s recording her journey as she goes. That’s something I’d really like.

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