no, BLA!

Battle for Lion’s Arch!

Or – In which the under-appreciated have their day.

Namely protection monks, paragons, warriors, and fire elementalists.

I don’t have any fancy narrative of the occasion like Hunter does. Truth be told I was busy watching health bars and the mini-map. I had no idea the groups we faced were slowly changing composition from white mantle thralls to jade armors and the like.

I’ve found that when prot monking watching your mini-map is every bit as important as watching your party’s health bars. Aegis does no good if half your party is out of earshot.

But back to the BLA. Our healing monk was Ogden, my Ogden in fact. I tend to get a little protective when it comes to heals (o u c wut i did thar?). If I’m going to be protting I want a healer hero built to my specifications (human healers can build like they want, they’re mostly more intelligent than a hero).

I’ve also hear people give warriors and fire eles crap about being useless. Everybody loves an Imbagon (imbalanced paragon) but they work in the shadows right along-side protection monks and rarely get the recognition they deserve.

It’s always: “Hey, that heal came just in time!” or “Nice spike damage that jade cloak dropped like a ton of bricks!”

It’s never: “Man that Aegis really saved my butt” or “Thanks for the warning that the enemies are on fire, I’m not burning as bad!” (‘They’re On Fire’ is the only paragon skill I know)

Warriors and Fire Eles are so passé, so Prophecies. Nobody groups with them anymore.

Well ya know what?

I did.

And I do, and I will again in a heartbeat.

The Battle for Lion’s Arch was a brutal endurance race against nearly impossible odds. We wiped more than once and we used all advantages at our disposal including summoned creatures and other consumables.

Even with all of that it was an exhilarating fight that harkened back to Thunderhead Keep in the pre-nerf days, or of your first time fighting the Lich at the end of Prophecies. It reminded me of the days before heroes when the henchmen were more of a liability than an aid and everyone would rather run a group of 7 than bring Alesia.

The best part was at the end we all gathered around to listen to the end of the story and patted each other on the back. When you run with a group of people who are used to being under-appreciated the ‘great job guys’ ring out with true sincerity. There’s no sense of “Hey congrats but you really know I did all the work”. We’re used to not seeing much direct result from our labors, or getting any credit.

As for me, I’ve embraced the philosophy of Guild Wars 2: “If you have to heal damage taken, you’ve already lost.”

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  1. i should put up a warning about my memory, before posts like that, its not very good. for instance I could swear it was my tahlkora, but I know my memory is pretty weak and not to be trusted.

    you’re prot monking was great, more than once I looked at my health bar and was surprised to be at or near full health especially since there was a boss or melee mob on me.

    can’t wait for the next guild wars beyond campaign, which I’m guessing is going on in the eye of the north areas

      • Tigerfeet
      • July 20th, 2010

      Oh was it your healer? My memory is crap too and I just assumed it was mine because I always bring him xD

      I still have yet to go see the new dialogue in my HoM. I’ll have to do that when I display my Urgoz trophy 🙂

        • Ven
        • July 20th, 2010

        Yea I had fun running with you guys, really made me coming back to gw even better. I’ll be happy to help anytime again on your other toons.

      • i honestly don’t know anymore.

    • San Darkwood
    • July 20th, 2010

    I have yet to try the brutal experience that is BLA, in fact, I have yet to do anything in WiK other then the repeating bounties…I even find them really hard.

    Do I just suck or are they actually difficult?

    Also, I saw this and thought of you:

    • Sam, you are not the only one who found the WiK content difficult. I have managed to get through most of it solo (heroes + henchmen) only by embracing the PvX wiki, so that is my advice to you if you can’t pull helpful guildmates or PuGs to help you with the content:

      • Tigerfeet
      • July 21st, 2010

      Omg that vid is fantastic!

      I was unable to do the bounties by myself, so I had to drag someone else along to help. Every mission after that I always had at least one person with me.

      • Ven
      • July 21st, 2010

      Haha so cute.

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