With Your Head on the Ground and Your Feet in the Air

I just had a revelation (shocking, I know) while listening to the latest Relics of Orr (because I’m just that narcissistic). But I think ArenaNet has just up-ended everything.

No, I know that’s not news, but bear with me.

Dynamic Events are cyclical and repeatable.

Personal Story is personal and the missions within can only be done once.

Dynamic Events are GW2’s replacement for Quests.

Personal Story is GW2’s replacement for storyline and (speculatively) end-game.

Conclusion: The leveling process is repeatable, the end-game is not (unless you make a new character)

I don’t know about you, but I have been trained and conditioned to think of the end-game as something that continues. I was never in a really high-end raiding guild (we weren’t terrible, but we were no ensidia either) so for me there has always been one more goal on the horizon, something to keep me going until the next expansion came out.

That ties into what Tasha was talking about in our last episode. A pay-to-play game has to have that one extra goal that you just can’t quite reach or you won’t continue to pay. Players must be kept busy.

I’m suddenly consumed with curiosity over GW2’s dungeons. We know there will be dungeons, there have been allusions to a dungeon ‘system’, and we know they aren’t ready to talk about it yet. I’m suddenly interested, I want to know!

Well Zhaitan be in a dungeon or will he be in our Personal Story? The answer to this question is very important to me. I want to be able to go beat on Zhaitan again if I want to. I really like the Zaishen quests and the opportunity to go back and do old content with a group of real people all over again.

I just… I just… I don’t know I don’t know!

The reason I’m so anxious about this is because of the newbies. The newcomers to the Guild Wars franchise. A repeatable end-game is what everyone is used to and if it’s not there I think ArenaNet could be setting themselves up for a firing squad. Innovation is great and I love being able to do something different but a robust end-game is just not something you muck with.

We know there won’t be dungeons which require you to grind endlessly for armor and weapons (yay), but will there be something to keep people coming back to the dungeons? I’m thinking my fears are probably unfounded, but this not knowing has me nervous. I want GW2 to succeed. Being the care-bear that I am I also want everyone to like it.

When I was in college I was astonished at how mean the wow-heads were. These were fanboys of WoW (even before release) who were so rabid that any attempt at a serious discussion about the merits of other games or shortfalls of WoW (graphics, even in those days) was met with such a savage outpouring of livid vitriol that I was thrown into flashbacks of 6th grade bullying. And this wasn’t even over the internet, this was face-to-face. Really, it was bad. It took me two years to even look at WoW because of personalities like that. It’s a deep fear of mine that ArenaNet will make some miscalculation and our beloved Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 will be drowned in an avalanche of hate.

I say I want GW2 to be wildly successful because I want to have fun. But maybe I just want it to be my big brother and go beat up the kids who called me names.


I’d like everyone to take a moment of silence, please. I came home today to find my husband in the backyard, in the rain, with a shovel.

We have been nursing a cat that showed up on our back step since last Friday. The local shelters were full and we couldn’t afford vet care, so we did what we could. He (the cat) was weak and thin. We think he might have been injured. He ate and drank freely (though not much) and did his best to use the litter box we provided him. We think he was someone’s pet once (though all our neighbors denied ownership), and we think he might have run afoul of the young kids who tear up and down our street in their cars.

He would have been a beautiful cat. He was a black tuxedo type with white on his muzzle, paws, and chest with long fur, though definitely not a persian type. We never meant to keep him.

My only wish is that we’d had a gun so that his final six hours had not needed to happen. You’re in a better place now furball, I’m sorry you had to hurt so much.

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  1. i experienced the same thing from wow fanboys, I will never understand dismissing something because you like something else. Is there no room to like two things at once?

    sorry about the cat.

    • Ven
    • August 17th, 2010

    WoW players…Lawl.

    RIP Kitty.

    I find it hard to believe that Anet would essentially make the game act like a console rpg with human players running around to interact with. I have high hopes for this game, and come launch day you and me girl we’ll be kickin ass as a team!

      • Tigerfeet
      • August 18th, 2010

      So you’ll charr it up with me? 😀

        • Ven
        • August 18th, 2010

        No I’m gonna be Sylvari all the way, but I’ll gun down everything that gets 50 yards of us hehe.

        • Tigerfeet
        • August 20th, 2010

        We’ll just have to hook up in whichever racial city Hunter chooses then! If you’re gonna be a sylvari ranger, I’m going to be a charr melee-something (possibly warrior), I wonder what hunter’s going to choose (race, profession) 🙂

    • Carlo
    • August 18th, 2010

    So sorry for the little Furrball!!! Being a superior race in the animal world it’s our duty to protect them, you are a true human being! Those who run over him and didn’t stop aren’t….

    Gw2 Looks….i don’t know!!!!!! My expectations were sooo great that I really can’t say what I think about it right now, we’ll have to wait for more streaming (btw is there a first-hand official stream anywhere?)

    Things I’ve noticed that i like: 1) health Ball ^_^ Diablo style 2) damage is high numbers, not 200 but 10.000 which is cool 3)character look very nice 4)Charrs can’t run on 2 feet LOL I so hate charrs bacause of Prop and EotN so I’m happy they are still the beasts i know^^ it’ll be nicer to slay em all!!!!! ^_^

  2. A question that has yet to be answered well by any game is “what is a good end game that covers the desires of a lot of players?”. The fact that ArenaNet don’t do what other games do will always put them at a disadvantage. Players like familiarity and generally look for games that are around 90% familiar and 10% different. Right now Guild Wars 2 is looking to be a lot more alien and that will be met by some with hatred and fear.

    As a player, endgame for me involves exploration and ever increasing skill. I adore the cartographer title in Guild Wars and looking for the little easter eggs as well as the introduction of hard mode that makes everything a challenge again. However for others, that isn’t fun or “good enough”. I fear though that the one thing that players want is unachievable until we get evolutionary ai in games – something new to do every day.


    RIP kitty. At least he knew some good people for the last few days of his life.

      • Tigerfeet
      • August 18th, 2010

      That’s a really good point. What is endgame? Do I dislike the endgame because it’s not just like X? That’s not at all fair because GW2 is NOT X.

  3. Sorry about the poor kitty 😦 It does reinforce my faith in human nature that people like yourself care about the world and its creatures.

    WoW has an awful reputation, whether or not that is fully deserved I can’t really comment as I only took a quick look at it, though it almost prematurely ended my quest for an MMO. Thankfully I found Guild wars. To those people who say (and act) as though on-line games are worlds without consequences I say “RUBBISH”, but then I am an aging hippy 😀

    I am a simple soul. The actual structure of Guild Wars 2 will be of little consequence to me personally as I reckon Arenanet can be trusted to create a nice little world for me to potter around in, chatting, hopefully crafting, looking at interesting stuff, even killing the odd creature that dares to stand in my way 😀

    • FelinePrime
    • September 22nd, 2011

    (Sorry for the late comment)
    I know the game has come a long way since this was published. But I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Thus far GW2 has had a lot of interesting creativity and posed a lot of good, intuitive counters to modern MMORPG problems. They have diliberatly taken the time to try and solve problems instead of copy pasting other MMOs. I think their solution will be either similar, or superior to other MMO end games.

    Just because you’ve eaten hot dogs all your life, doesn’t mean you wont like hamburgers. So to speak.

    As for what people want from endgame. In my opinion, they want one of several things. A. Challange B. Loot/advancement C. Exploration. Very similar to what you wanted in the rest of the game. The emphasis tends to go down to B with a little A. So as long as they keep some way to advance I’m sure they’ll be safe, and the more they mix it up in the right proportions the more people will like it.

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