By Tooth And Nail

I’m slowly crawling back to life.

My husband and I came by a windfall and we used the extra funds to buy his computer. We picked up a simple, inexpensive Acer desktop from our local big box store. It features a dual-core intel processor, a terabyte of hard drive space, and six gigabytes of ram, more than I know what to do with. Needless to say, it’s leaps and bounds beyond what we were using before, but the most important part of it is this:

It works.

I was able to get back into Guild Wars just in time for Halloween. I missed Tasha’s Halloween party (caught the last 30 minutes), and the lion’s share of the halloween quests went unfinished by me. I did pick up both masks (cat ears and goggles), and walked away with close to a hundred trick-or-treat bags (I haven’t opened them yet).

The only problem is this is still only one computer. We squabble over who gets to play for how long and when. My new motherboard still won’t boot (this is the second one I’ve tried) and, as per the advice of people more knowledgeable than me, I have (another) new stick of ram in the mail.

Apparently, an error light for the processor can mean a problem anywhere. /facepalm

This is what happens to early adopters, keep that in mind folks.

There is one thing I’d like to mention about migrating Guild Wars to a new system. If you’re coming from Windows XP you just need to make sure you back up the Guild Wars program folder in full. If you’re moving from Windows Vista to Windows 7, or from 7 to 7 (in which case I wish I could get a new computer as often as you), make sure to grab the templates folder from Guild Wars that hides in your Documents folder.

Once you’re all nice and backed up, remember the differences between XP, Vista, and 7.

I had a moment of wailing and gnashing of teeth panic when I saw all my templates were gone. After I calmed down and thought about it I remembered the difference. I still had all my templates, they just weren’t in the right spot anymore. This was easily fixed.

I did get one fantastic FoW run in (and the statue to prove it!) before my weekend dissolved into frustration. So, I’m almost back. Only with two functional computers will I have the time and the freedom to stretch out, putz around, and not feel like I have to cram as much ‘quality play-time’ into as little time as possible.

Lately, when I get frustrated and upset, I’m more likely than not to undertake more frustrating endeavors, like building an over-large lion in minecraft.

Rawr I say, rawr.

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  1. that lion is balding

  2. Sat down to find out what this Minecraft thing was about two weeks ago. Three hours later I looked up in a daze..why is that thing so addicting?

      • Tigerfeet
      • November 12th, 2010

      It’s like having the best set of legos EVER. And zombies.

      Does it get any better?

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