Of Mantles And Mursaat

A couple of weeks ago I put together an audio segment for Relics of Orr.  Dispatches from the Priory is meant to be a place for me to tell small lore stories while acting in character.

In the first episode I covered the history of the charr in general, and the history of the Khan-Ur in specific.  For some reason I imagine my charr character speaking in a russian accent.  I don’t think I was entirely successful, but so far I’ve only heard complimentary feedback about the segment.

This week’s Dispatches from the Priory I wanted to cover something in human history.  I chose the story of the White Mantle, and the ascention of Queen Salma to her rightful throne.

To tell this story I enlisted the aid of a farmer’s daughter in Shaemoor.  She and her little brother, Liam, are taking their father’s melons to market and she’s doing what big sisters do best: Scaring the whey out of her little brother with grisly tales of White Mantle atrocities.

In the middle of writing my script, however, I found myself stuck.  The persona I had created existed at or just before the events that will be unfolding in Guild Wars 2.  I didn’t know if the White Mantle still existed, if there were reformed sects that held a respected place in Krytan society, or even if a farmer’s daughter, no matter her education, would even know about them.

So I went and asked ArenaNet.  Regina Buenaobra kindly gave me permission to publish the answers to the questions that I asked, and I relay them to you here.

My questions:

– Do the White Mantle still exist?
– Do they exist in such a way that a farmer’s daughter would know about them?
— Would she hear rumors?
— What if she was getting a good education in Divinity’s Reach?
– Is Shaemoor actually close enough to Divinity’s Reach that farmers would take their produce there for market? If not, what is the closest farming community?
– How does human history remember the White Mantle?

ArenaNet’s response:

I had a chat with our lore specialists, Jeff and Ree, and this is what they had to say:

The White Mantle are considered a part of Kryta’s past. They are sometimes used as boogey-men to scare small children, but they are not considered part of Kryta’s present or future.

To address your specific questions:

The White Mantle, as was noted above, is not a part of Kryta in Guild Wars 2, so a farmer’s daughter would not know about them or hear rumors about them in present day Kryta, even if she was getting a good education in Divinity’s Reach. If she was educated, she would know history about the White Mantle, and about when the White Mantle was in charge of Kryta, before Queen Salma. Human history remembers the White Mantle as a treasonous bunch of fanatics that held Kryta hostage to their dark cultist faith. Queen Salma and a group of human heroes liberated Kryta and brought it back to the worship of the Six Gods. Yay, Salma, for destroying this evil cult forever!

Shaemoore is totally a place where they would sell their produce, if they didn’t want to take it to the city itself.

These questions (and their answers) aren’t earth-shattering things, but I hope any lore buffs like myself that lurk among my audience will enjoy this small peek into the more mundane aspects of Krytan life.

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  1. cool dude. yeah you can hear/see various mentions of shaemoor being right outside the walls of DR in the demo.

      • Tigerfeet
      • February 26th, 2011

      I thought as much, I just wanted to be sure. 🙂 You know how I am with not wanting to propogate misinformation.

  2. The fact that White Mantle does not exist anymore is definitely something I’d very much want to know! Thanks!

    • Bubbles
    • February 27th, 2011

    I’ve never really saw the mantle as evil… Before prophecies, under Saul, they were definitely seen as good guys, from the human perspective, freeing the krytans from the charr. During the proph storyline, they sacrificed the chosen to keep the titans dormant. Without the intervention of the players, the world would have been overrun (typical epic story). This could be argued as doing good but the ends may or may not justify the means.

    In war in kryta, they seemed like just another government struggling for regional control. Some of the rules they were imposing seemed pretty similar to the last days of the British rule of the American colonies. I would consider this bad but not something to frighten children in a world of evil dragons and raiding centaurs.

    Sorry for the long rant, but somehow I am bothered when I don’t feel like the lore is realistic. Even in a land of fireballs and raised minions.

      • Tigerfeet
      • February 27th, 2011

      If you listen to the latest episode of Relics of Orr (ep 31) in my segment is at the very end I talk about all the points you mentioned. I think it makes perfect sense though that Kryta remembers the White Mantle in such a jaundiced light. It was Queen Salma and her descendants that wrote the history, after all, and my piece was meant to be from the perspective of a simple farmer’s daughter.

      It’s a similar situation to the cursory overview many public school children get abut the American Civil War. I’m sure there was much more involved than the simple matter of a race’s freedom, but the deeper social and economic motivators aren’t stressed as much as the (no pun intended) black and white struggle of good vs. evil.

        • Bubbles
        • February 27th, 2011

        Silly public schooling. Can’t they just magic the info into the wee little ones?

    • Ven
    • March 5th, 2011

    Good riddance I say, I’ve had my fill of em in GW1 as is. Still if they do have em in GW2 I’m fine with that, more target practice for me.

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